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Episode 37: Celebrating Small Wins

Weight Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek


“Make some mental noise every day.”

With the holidays coming, Molly knows everyone’s thoughts are on that delicious holiday food. For Molly, it’s everything pumpkin. Pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie—you name it. Despite this, we all have weight loss goals in mind that we can’t just let go stale like those forgotten turkey drumsticks. On today’s episode, Molly explains how you can still keep to your goals in this season by: 1) not starving yourself of the foods you like, and 2) giving yourself praise for the small wins. These two things together can really make the difference when you’re treading uphill and finding it hard to stay motivated.

We all know it’s difficult to stay the course when you have a million things occupying so much mental real estate. What Molly developed (and outlines here) is a simple way to help yourself out called WINs. WIN means “What’s Important Now.” The idea is that if you can train yourself to focus on the things that are important now, you can rid yourself of the longing that can be so tiresome in a workout plan: the longing for the weekend, the longing for foods that will set you back. Focus on today. Give yourself praise for the small wins, and anticipate the good. Molly makes lists where she anticipates what good things will come today. This will help you to focus on the right now instead of getting bogged down by the what-will-be. Molly says this is key because right now is all you have. Today is where the best moments happen; today is where you taste the food you love and spend quality time with your favorite people. Make the most of it. You can do it.

Topics Covered:

● Make sure some of the things you actually enjoy are on your food plan. (2:20)

● Rewarding ourselves with food will create more desire for food. (4:45)

● You have to be able to reward yourself for your small wins. (6:40)

● WINs: What’s Important Now. (7:15)

○ Find a way to give yourself a pat on the back every day.

● Learning how to love yourself is what makes weight loss successful. (8:30)

● Using willpower to white-knuckle your way through a diet is not the answer. (10:00)

● Enjoy the wonders of each day by:

○ Looking forward to the little things of each day.

○ Allowing and appreciating the small wins.

● Delight in the taste of the food you eat! (14:00)

● You’ll need to find pleasure elsewhere when you take the power from food. (15:30)

● Keep the small picture in mind...and watch it contribute to you bigger goals. (17:20)

● What are your small wins? (19:15)

Key Quotes:

● “I love all things ‘pumpkin’ in October.” (1:48)

● “Knowing the way the brain works...helps us to figure out ways to be motivated.” (5:25)

● “The small wins happen every day so the big wins happen later.” (7:00)

● “Success in weight loss is about your relationship with yourself.” (8:10)

● “What is important is what’s happening right now.” (11:30)

● “I was anticipating the enormity of everything...instead of taking things moment by moment.” (13:25)

● “I started asking myself: ‘what can I look forward to each day?’” (16:30)

● “Make some mental noise every day.” (18:24)

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