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Episode 39: Internal Politics

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Episode- Internal Politics


In this episode, Molly talks about the internal struggle we face between the primal brain and the prefrontal cortex. She begins by comparing our battle to the current political situation and explains how the competing desires for instant gratification and long-term well-being often clash.

The primal brain is wired to seek pleasure, avoid danger and keep us safe. Unfortunately, it hinders our ability to work hard and delay comfort. This can be seen in the area of weight loss where over concentrated processed foods give our bodies more intense pleasure and train them to want more.

Patterns are created over time that become so well-practiced that they move into the subconscious. Even though we’re unaware, our thoughts create a feeling that drives an action. The prefrontal cortex exists to maintain a balance. When we are aware of our thoughts we can override the primal brain and act intentionally to achieve our goals.

Molly urges unity, not division. Judging yourself is not helpful. It’s important to acknowledge that there are many benefits to overeating, from comfort to pleasure. By giving yourself permission to feel these things, you have the opportunity to de-escalate the problem and lower your desire for food.

Topics Covered

- The primal brain vs. the prefrontal cortex

- ‘You are not your thoughts’

- Why judgment creates division, not unity

- How you benefit from overeating

- Accepting your whole self

Key Quotes

“Any real goal that’s worth pursuing, that leads you to evolve or grow into a better version of yourself, is going to involve some change. It’s going to involve some discomfort.”

“In the moment it can be really hard to separate from those thoughts that are going through our mind. Usually, our default is really to believe those thoughts are true.”

“You can’t start to change your relationship with food and your relationship with yourself until you first understand and acknowledge how you benefit from overeating.”

“The truth is that the side of you that experiences pleasure from food and even a lot of those old thoughts and beliefs may be with you for the rest of your life.”

“When you start to accept yourself, there’s not that same need to escape. And when you drop the resistance, there’s no reason to rebel against yourself.”

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