Episode 46: Your Old Friend Food


On this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly Zemek discusses why we think of food as comfort, or as a friend. Initially, Molly shares examples from her own life of times when she has viewed food as something just for her, as a friend. She goes on to encourage listeners to really consider how we benefit from viewing food as a friend.

She describes why our brains often consider food as a friend and how this affects our relationship with food. Molly recommends to really consider whether these types of thoughts are true. She walks listeners through how to address the thought that food is our friend, and all the ways that thought is untrue. It’s important to see how these thoughts are untrue, because that makes it easier for us to begin believing differently.

Not only do we overeat because of thinking incorrect thoughts, we also overeat because we are feeling an emotion. When we overeat, it numbs the emotion, and we never actually process what we are really feeling. When we do this, the negative feeling still remains. It’s much more effective and beneficial to handle and p