Episode 50: Mise en Place of Weight Loss


In this episode of the Weight Loss for Food-Lovers podcast, Molly introduces the culinary art of mise en place and how she has come to adapt it to sustainable weight loss. The French term might technically refer to a highly disciplined approach to food preparation, but Molly puts a new twist on the concept.

Before diving into what she means about mise en place for weight loss, Molly backs up a bit to recount her first job working under a fine dining chef with highest standards. It was her dream job right out of culinary school, but fraught with competitive stress, high pressure responsibilities, workplace resentments and constant technical challenge. She frequently left in the wee hours feeling defeated. It was at a particularly low point that her mentor made Molly a convert to the power of mise en place. What that meant was adopting a whole new approach to creating order in her thoughts and prep at the restaurant. In no time, she jumped to the head of the pack and never looked back.