Episode 58: The Comparison Trap


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly explores in this episode a topic that comes up a lot in her life coaching practice: The Comparison Trap. She breaks down the habit of comparing ourselves with others, and the inevitable feelings of defeat and self-loathing that result. That is, unless you learn to turn social comparison to your own advantage. Molly’s clients often beat themselves up because someone they know appears more successful or content. They pummel themselves with questions that may sound familiar: Why aren’t things better for us? Why isn’t our life easier? Molly demonstrates how, with some help and redirection, these kinds of self-defeating thoughts can be turned to our own advantage.

While it’s natural and inevitable that the brain takes us there, Molly shares ways to use the Comparison Trap to stay motivated. It can actually offer an opportunity to throw off the need for external approval and instead embrace what you can control: Your own thoughts and feelings. When you’re caught in a negative loop of social comparison, it’s nothing but a time sink. Beating ourselves up or being taken off course by other people’s opinions is giving your power away, says Molly. Why not focus that awareness back on yourself and the present moment? It’s just a matter of learning how to keep your primitive brain from getting stuck in useless, demotivating self-talk.