Episode 78: Mary's Story of Transformation

This episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers features Mary, who shares reflections on her experience of Molly’s 12-week course. Although she is grateful to have lost nearly 20 pounds, the real surprise and delight has come from learning about the powerful interplay of thoughts with the desire for food.

Growing up in a Cuban family around the table with 12 kids and lots of raucous opinions, Mary learned little about healthful eating and even less about some of the stressors that later acted as triggers to overeating. Doing her “thought work” with Molly has helped Mary to reframe her relationship with food and recalibrate her desires.

Molly’s plan is about far more than limiting or denying food. To the contrary, as Mary points out, it’s about joyful eating. This is a big differentiator from other highly choreographed programs that Mary has tried in the past. Weight Loss for Food-Lovers treats individuals holistically, exploring over the course of 12 weeks the many facets of our minds, bodies, spirits and habits that contribute to our relationship with food.

Learn how Mary has uncovered a whole new way of being and is loving the changes she sees! Updates about the launch of Molly’s next 12-week course in September ca