Food gossip

Updated: Oct 31, 2019



def: conversation or reports about other people's private lives that might be unkind, disapproving or not true

One of the stumbling blocks to weight loss is food gossip.

Ever heard of this? It's when you eat behind your own back, and justify it with dishonest self-talk.

Don't think that sounds like you?

What about making a plan to just eat salad for lunch, and then someone brings donuts into the office? Or that big 'ol bowl of Halloween candy staring you in the face when you walk to the bathroom.

Yeah, but the donuts are free. And Halloween only comes once a year.

All of the sudden you are arguing against those good intentions to lose weight. You may even bad mouth yourself afterwards, using some version of personal beat down to ratchet up guilt, blame and self-loathing for going off plan.

My specialty used to be overeating or drinking at night, and then avoiding the scale to see my weight the next morning. If I don't see the number, it doesn't exist, right? Let's just pretend it never even happened.

Why is it so hard to tell ourselves the truth?

What I realized is that the longer I sabotaged myself behind my own back, the harder it would be to make any really progress.

I didn't have to stop sneaking leftovers off my kids' plates, or pouring a little extra wine into my glass to finish the bottle, but I at least needed to own up to my choices.

If I wanted another drink each night, or a chicken tender with my dinner, why couldn't I just plan ahead to have that? The difference is key.

In one instance, I am planning what I will eat with intention and following through. In the other, I am sneaking something against my own will, and then lying about it through justifications.

When I started having an honest conversation with myself the dynamic changed. Instead of shaming, ignoring or excusing myself, I started to get curious. I asked, what is it you really want ? When I took action either for or against my goal, I accepted responsibility for the results.

You can tell yourself the truth about the choices you make everyday, how you feel, and what you are willing to do to accomplish your dreams. Or you can slip around the back and engage in destructive thoughts and actions. Either way, your mirror is going to find out.



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