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Hi, I'm Molly

I am a Master certified life coach

with a passion for good food.

I used to be a private chef.


I spent years cooking for people whose passion was experiencing the best the culinary world had to offer. They struggled with their love of good food and the inability to lose weight. I understood completely because for years I battled my own desire to overindulge, and inability to shed pounds.


I tried ALL kinds of diets


Detox shakes, calorie counting, overexercising.

I was able to lose some weight in the beginning,

but I always felt deprived, and couldn't stick with it.

I just wanted to go back to eating the food I loved.

I thought there was no way to reach my goal weight

and still indulge in delicious things.

Then I discovered a new approach

I hired a life coach and she taught me that food was not

the problem, my thoughts were. This was the missing piece. The solution was to understand why I was eating

too much in the first place.

This changed everying. I finally lost 45 pounds and kept it off. I figured out how to still enjoy good food in moderation without regaining weight. I no longer felt frustrated or ashamed. My life became full of possibility. 

Now I teach other food-lovers what

I learned.


The only reason you have never figured this out is not that there is something wrong with you. It is just because no one has ever explained it to you this way. This is not a skill that only naturally thin people are born with. If I can learn it, so can you. I can teach you the solution.



MA-Johns Hopkins University  

BA-Swarthmore College

Grande Diplome-Le Cordon Bleu

Advanced Wine Studies-Washington Wine Academy


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