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Learn how to lose weight without giving up the food you love.

Next Group Course Begins September 12th, 2022
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Start burning fat and lose weight by learning what foods to eat so you feel less hungry and have fewer cravings.

Experience  physical energy and mental focus .

Learn how to include the foods you love and eat them in mindful portions so you feel in control instead of powerless around food.

You won't feel deprived or like you are missing out.

Figure out how to handle urges to eat, and how to recover when you go off plan so you can stay committed to your goal long-term.

End the lose-gain cycle, and solve your weight loss struggle for good.

Ready to do this?


Get started today to transform how you look and feel.

I will teach you. . .

Why you have a lot of desire to eat and how to change it

How to create a food plan that is flavorful and gets you burning fat

How to feel completely satisfied and empowered with what you eat

A step-by-step process for how to commit and follow through on your goal


You'll learn exactly what you need to lose weight and sustain it, and feel and look confident.

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The physical transformation for me was certainly the weight loss. I also finally (for the first time since I started my diet journey) found a way of eating that I can live with.  This is a different kind of weight loss program. Molly takes a holistic approach to changing your relationship with food, as well as changing your approach to life. 



Taking Molly's course has been the best thing I have done for myself in many years. From the first week, I was able to get rid of my afternoon snacking binges, and replace that habit with doing things that take my life in the direction that I want it to go.  Also, I was sleeping better, had better digestion, and was happier. This course is everything that I hoped it would be, and much more; it would not be an exaggeration to say that it has been life-changing.



I lost about 40 pounds, so there are inches and clothing sizes that disappeared, but some unanticipated things that I have noticed, is that I don’t really hurt anymore when I wake up. Really my whole mindset about weight and body has changed.  I had started several diets and weight loss programs before, but I never really worked on my thoughts around food.

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The Experience

A 12-week course that will help you lose weight, learn how to stay on track and change your relationship with food forever.


How to create a food plan, stabilize hunger hormones and switch your body from burning sugar to shedding fat.

          SAVOR FOOD

Follow my process of including food you love so you develop practice and confidence eating mindful portions.


Discover how to reduce hunger, lower desire for food and manage spontaneous cravings


Understand the steps to stay committed to your goal no matter what, and develop trust in yourself along the way.


Figure out how to learn and move on from situations when you go off plan so you don't give up.


Get to the root reasons why you overeat, learn how to reframe your mindset, and lose the mental chatter around food.



Fitting into smaller clothes is just one of many benefits of this work. By changing your habits and mindset around food, you create so many extra rewards for yourself.


When you stop eating more than your body needs, and manage the feelings that drive you to food, a lighter body and mind fosters deeper sleep.


Eating foods your body was designed to process stabilizes hunger hormones, and promotes better digestion. 


When your digestion is not bogged down with extra food, and the mental chatter around what to eat is gone, your energy skyrockets. 


Overeating robs you of time and energy. Imagine what your self-care would look like if instead of snacking, you gave yourself what you really need? If overeating were irrelevant, imagine what you could accomplish with that time and energy.


Commitment to this work teaches you how to trust yourself. When you learn how to make sense of your feelings, instead of eating over them, you connect more deeply to yourself


When you connect to and take care of yourself physically and mentally it leads to a happier state of mind. What's more, it pays dividends in all the relationships you care about.

Imagine your life if you felt rested, energetic and fully confident in yourself. . .

Still wondering if  this is for you?




"Now is not the right time."

Stop waiting for life to be different and get easier. The only way to create new habits around eating is starting where you are and learning how to change in the midst of life happening around you.

"Weight loss might not be possible for me."

Just because you haven't figured it out yet, does not mean it's not possible. Your past attempts

are only an indication that

the approach you tried was not the right fit. It was only a quick-fix, instead of solution.

"What if I give up again and let myself down?"

We have a strategy for every obstacle that comes up. Part of this process is learning how to move forward after a setback, and build your ability to stay committed.

Give yourself the chance to benefit from a   fresh perspective on weight loss without                  restricting the food you love.


The next group program begins on September 12th, 2022.
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Plus These Bonuses

to give you unstoppable momentum

(and keep it)

12 weekly office hour sessions to make sure you receive the answers and support you need on your food plan.

A private, supportive  community with fellow students to share your recipes, struggles, and wins.

A meditation toolbox to understand hunger and desire and be guided through both.

Bonus recipe guide and "How to Stop Overdrinking" cheat sheet 


And You'll be Backed by a 30-Day Guarantee


Let me start out by saying what's true.

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers 12-week course is the most comprehensive approach to lose weight permanently while learning to eat the food you love in moderation. 

After 30 days you will have received the first three modules which teach you commitment, how to create a food plan, and the process

 to eat the food you love in moderation.

If you are not completely confident and motivated to stop overeating and lose weight (and change your mindset in the process) reach out, show that you have completed the work, and your investment will be refunded. Full details here. 

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"Although I successfully lost the 10 pounds I set out to lose, I would say my biggest accomplishment is feeling more confident. I am now putting myself first when it comes to what I want and need. I have much less anxiety surrounding special events that involve eating. This program is so different from any other diet/exercise program for weight loss I've done since I was 14 years old. Its been easier to lose 10 pounds just by changing my thoughts around food than it has been counting calories, measuring food, restricting certain foods, and excessively exercising. Investing in yourself is 100% worth it. "

-Maggie, Weight Loss for Food-Lovers client

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Q: How long will I have access to the program?
A: For 3 months, and all of the content can be downloaded.


Q: Can I speak directly to Molly for guidance?
A: Yes, if you sign-up for live coaching you will have the chance to get feedback on your plan, and help navigating situations that are challenging.
Q: When does the course begin?
A: The course begins September 12th, 2022, and includes 12 weekly coaching calls plus 12 weekly office hour calls where you get individual attention on your food plan.
Q: What is group coaching?
A: Every week you will be invited to attend a live, one hour call held over Zoom. You can join via your phone, tablet or computer. 
Q: What if I need more 1-1 support?
A: Over the course of the program you will have the chance to get additional help to go deeper with the work.
Q: Will everyone see me on the call?
A: Only if you share your video for coaching will people see your face. 
Q: Can I participate anonymously?
A: Yes, you can be as visible or hidden as you like.
Q: How much time does this take?
A: You can spend as little as 15 minutes a day, or devote more time to go deeper. 
Q: What if I live outside the U.S.?
A: The live coaching calls are scheduled at different times to accomodate different time zones, and the recordings are posted afterwards. 


Q: I've never been able to lose weight and keep it off? I'm not sure I can do it.
A: Yes, you can do it. It's normal to doubt your ability until you are able to figure out a way that works. One of the fundamental skills you'll learn in this program is how to accept and love yourself no matter what. You will also know how to stay committed and support yourself no matter what. 
Q: What if this is too hard for me or I don't have the right mindset?
A: I created the course so it is impossible for you to fail. I anticipated all the obstacles and made the step-by-step process one that helps you navigate any challenge that comes up. Me and my team are committed to your success and there with you the whole way to pick you up when you stumble and motivate you to keep going.
Q: What does the coaching consist of?
A: It is a way to identify obstacles that are keeping you stuck, trouble-shooting your plan, and coming up with solutions to keep you seeing results and staying committed.
Q: What if I miss the live calls?
A: You will be sent the replay of each call which you can watch at your convenience.


Q: Do you offer discounts or a payment plan?
A: Yes, there is an option to pay in 3 installments.  
Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Yes, within the first 30 days of the program you can receive a refund if you provide proof that you have completed all of the assigned work in the course.
Q: My partner doesn't support me spending my money on this.
A: You need to support yourself since you will be the person responsible for changing your relationship with food. Remember that you don't need anyone else to be on board for you to feel good about your decision.
Q: What currency is the price listed in?
A: U.S. dollars
Q: How do I know this time will be different?
A: This approach does not rely on willpower or white-knuckling your way through a restricted diet. When you learn how to burn fat, change the thinking that leads to overeating, and eat the food you love in moderation, you are able to feel fully empowered around food. This awareness does not go away.
Q: What if I live outside the U.S.?
A: The live coaching calls are scheduled at different times to accomodate different time zones, and the recordings are posted afterwards. 
Q: What if my partner doesn't support me?
A: This program teaches you how to commit to and rely on yourself. Having tempting food around is good practice to work on allowing urges. And having people around you who make different choices helps teach you how to say "no" in the real world.


If you have a question that wasn't answered above, please email and we will answer.

How do you want to feel and look in 3 months?


Excited that you are taking action towards change, or regretful that you are still stuck in a pattern of overeating and weight gain?

You get to decide, and either way, you are making a choice

It's time to finally solve this problem and step into your full potential.

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers is the way to do this and experience full freedom around food.

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