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Weight Loss for Food-Lovers

with Certified Weight Loss Coach Molly Zemek


       How to Create Certainty During Uncertain Times


Usually we think it comes from our results, when there is proof. But certainty is a feeling that comes from our thoughts, and can be created at any time. It comes from knowing what you can control and who you are at your core. During this time of uncertainty in our world, people are craving it. I want to teach you how to create energy of certainty. It is the gasoline that fuels your goals, your sense of purpose and the direction you're headed.

Wednesday, February 10th at 7 pm Eastern

         4 pm Pacific/5 pm Mountain/6 pm Central

How Do You Create a Sense of Certainty?

"Molly is passionate about what she does. As a person who loves food and one who loves to cook and bake I never thought I could combine my love for food and still lose weight. Molly showed me how. She walks the talk and has her own story as a testimonial. Molly helped me realize it had nothing to do with the food. As a coach she helps you uncover what the real issues are so you can create a healthy relationship with yourself and the food you love. She was with me every step of the way."



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