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The 12-week Plan

What would your life be like if you could solve your struggle with weight loss and overeating for good? 

How would your life change if you fit comfortably in your clothes, felt confident, and had the energy to take the world by the tail?

Imagine feeling in control around food and being able to manage stress without eating. 

Picture a process where someone walks you step-by step through the tools and creates a personalized plan just for you.


What if you learned how to live effortlessly at your ideal weight?

To see if you are a good fit for my 12-week coaching program, click on the button below and fill out a discovery form.


I'm Molly

I pursued a love affair with food

for most of my life.

I used to be a chef and sommelier, with incredible passion for good food, fine dining and wine. But I often overindulged.

I struggled with losing and regaining weight, and always wanted to keep eating the food I loved. 

When I turned 40, I finally discovered a solution to lose weight for good, and still enjoy indulgent food in moderation.


Now I help other food-lovers achieve the same results. 


How to Stay Committed to Weight Loss





How to slow down,

and truly enjoy food, and

the process to be satisfied

with smaller portions.

Is Food Your Reward?

Do you think of food as 

your reward for doing somethin

good? Learn how this belief

sabotages weight loss.

How to Stay Committed

Most of us are good at beginning a weight loss journey, but don't know how to stay committed. Here's how.

Watch my free video and find out

what stands between you and 

permanent weight loss.


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