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Episode 52: Thought Audit


This episode of the Weight Loss for Food-Lovers podcast builds on the power of habit, which Molly began exploring in Episode 51. She highlighted the importance of understanding practices that give food an unhealthy upper hand, and ways to short-circuit those patterns to shift the balance of power. You can change your day-to-day eating and associations, but it’s hard to make permanent change without first figuring out what’s going on inside your brain. This is the stuff of coaching and Molly is fired up to take it to the next level.

This episode’s focus is on what Molly calls a “Thought Audit,” her framework for untangling beliefs that keep you stuck or spinning and hopeless. She spells out in detail exactly how the following Seven Limiting Beliefs commonly discourage, sabotage or derail weight loss efforts:

1) I’ll never figure this out. (A superficial, self-fulfilling prophecy that predisposes the brain to dictate exactly that outcome.)

2) I don’t know what to do. (A comfortable default that enables the brain to throw up a white flag and give in to urges.)

3) But this is a special treat! (FOMO gives the brain a rationalization to give in.)

4) It’s just one little bite … (Yes, but open that door and in no time the primitive brain is running the show!)

5) This (x,y,z food) will help me feel better. (According to your untrustworthy unconscious anyway.)

6) It should come more naturally to me. (Comparisons are misleading and unhelpful.)

7) It should be easier. (Your primitive brain disagrees.)

Once you’ve identified some of these thoughts, the investigation begins. The way to set the stage for taking back control is to examine your deeply held assumptions, consider evidence and then substitute a foundation that’s rooted in truth. Once unmasked, thoughts have far less power to influence us against our own best interests.

This episode is full of concrete tips and a great written exercise designed to bridge the gap between old, often unconscious thoughts that do not serve and the mind frame you ideally wish to develop. Molly shows you how to open up space for what’s “possible” and the results are exciting to glimpse!

If you’d like talk with Molly about how to conduct your Thought Audit and build a new framework for your relationship with food, it’s easy to set up a free discovery call here.

Topics Covered

· Habits can be changed, but not without first identifying core limiting beliefs.

· Molly explains the concept of a Thought Audit.

· Seven thoughts that undermine our best efforts at weight loss.

· It’s important to follow up on identifying thoughts by investigating them.

· A written exercise to diffuse and wrestle thoughts out of your subconscious.

· The art of the possible – and what it does to/for the brain!

Key Quotes

· “What you’re thinking – what’s in your brain – is ultimately what determines the result that you get.”

· “When you latch onto a (limiting) belief, your brain goes to work finding evidence that it’s true. Then you essentially act out what you’re believing and it becomes even more believable.”

· “What I help my clients see is that one little breach in your commitment to yourself opens up the door for the primitive brain to just be in charge and run the show.”

· “Our brains are not designed to handle manmade food, so because of that intense reward that our brain gets there’s so much more desire for more.”

· “We need to remember that comparing ourselves to other people is not helpful because we know that everyone struggles in some way and it takes the attention away from ourselves.”

· “Making decisions ahead of time and following through on them and allowing urges is what keeps us in control; is what keeps the higher part of our brain making decisions instead of the primitive part.”

· “You have to practice believing new, intentional thoughts and validate yourself every day.”

· “You need to reward the work and the progress, no matter how small it might be. This is what’s going to reinforce the intentional thoughts that you’re believing.”

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