Episode 63: When it's Not Enough


On this episode of the Weight Loss for Food-Lovers podcast, Molly shares about the idea of not being enough when it comes to our attitudes around food, and just life in general. When we’re trying to lose weight, many of us believe that the amount of food we’re preparing or putting onto our plates isn’t enough to satisfy us. This is called scarcity thinking, and it comes from this primal part of our brain that helped our ancestors survive when there actually wasn’t enough food. But the thing is, most of us have all that we need to survive now, especially if you’re listening to this podcast. The challenge we have to confront now is breaking this pattern of scarcity thinking to move into an abundance mindset.

Molly said she grew up believing that more was better, but as an adult, that pattern of thinking prevented her from losing weight and living the life she envisioned. Whether you think there isn’t enough food on your plate to leave you satisfied, or you believe you’re not successful, happy, or pretty enough, scarcity mindset is everywhere. The good news is, the higher part of our brain has moved on from this way of thinking, we just need to tap into it. When we tap into this part of our brain, we’re more empowered and motivated to achieve our goals, whatever they are. But we have to be careful about the thoughts we’re letting in and the opinions we’re letting guide our thinking in order to get there.

When we start looking at life and our weight loss goals from an abundance mindset, we’ll be more likely to succeed, but we have to do the work. Molly cultivated a mindset of abundance by doing two things: working on a