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Episode 100: Goal Setting 101


Welcome to a remarkable milestone: Episode #100! And the Weight Loss for Food-Lovers podcast journey continues with this episode, which takes goal-setting and breaks it down into manageable pieces. Molly invites us to listen as she live coaches participants in her 12-Week Weight Loss for Food-Lovers Program. It’s the perfect kickstart to a sustainable program and opportunity to set up some guardrails for launching a food program that is unlike any other. This episode starts off by looking at goals from the recent past. Were you or were you not able to meet them? If you didn’t show up for yourself as you wanted, are there things you can do differently going forward? Molly’s coaching clients share their go-to reasons for falling short of goals they truly wish to achieve.

Maybe weight loss programs – or the restrictions they represent – bring out a rebellious streak or immediately leave you feeling deprived. Maybe you’re having self-limiting beliefs about what it means to bring awareness to reflexive thought patterns. Or maybe your inner toddler has taken over the reins and is shouting, “This isn’t fair!” Whatever your inner monologue, Molly is here to help sort out strategies to respond and move on.

The show also offers tips for surfacing the drivers behind habits we want to change and thought practices that will help us stay on track. Molly differentiates between the nature of internal versus external goals and why it’s so important to make sure they’re aligned. Because what you’re thinking has everything to do with how you’re going to feel and behave. It’s a practice and Molly is here to help every step of the way.

If you’re interested in the support or accountability a one-on-one coach can provide, consider scheduling a free discovery call with Molly here. You can also learn about her transformational 12-week course by clicking here. Why not get started changing your relationship with food and yourself?

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Topics Covered

· A shout-out for Episode #100 – a personal goal for Molly that’s all the sweeter because of all the listeners who have come along on the journey.

· Learn more about Molly’s 12-Week Weight Loss for Food-Lovers Program.

· About goal-setting: It’s good to take a look back on the year past and consider what goals you had, which you reached and why you reached them (or didn’t).

· Molly live coaches workshop clients trying to figure out why they didn’t meet their goals last year, including reasons like:

o A rebellious resistance to scheduling or constraints.

o Feelings of deprivation and reluctance to miss out on fun.

o Self-limiting beliefs about what limiting consumption means.

o A sense of injustice or that restriction is unfair.

· Take stock of your priorities and what matters most. Is there a single thing – or habit – that might be having a cascade of negative impacts on your life?

· Molly’s clients reflect on what it means to pause, interrupt and bring intentionality to reflexive habits, like:

o Going/eating too fast.

o Reaching for food without bringing awareness.

· Internal versus External Goals: Sometimes understanding the interior work required to meet external metrics is key to getting down to the deeper, core purpose behind goals and how they align.

· Prepping for the journey: Lining up tactics that will make your goal attainable:

o Think of the minute details and issues that might come up.

o Commit to speaking kindly to yourself.

o Commit to sticking with the work, patiently and consistently.

o Understand that there’s no such thing as perfection.

· About failing: It’s a really important part of the journey, but in every situation there is wisdom to be gleaned. It’s just a matter of staying curious and self-aware.

· Negative thought patterns or self-doubts that come up:

o Why would this plan work when nothing has ever worked before?

o If I’m allowing “bad” foods how can the plan possibly work?

o Giving permission/allowing foods is just a gateway to over-indulgence.

o It won’t be satisfying if I don’t get immediate, dramatic weight loss.

· Molly signs off with words of affirmation and solidarity with her group class participants – a great way to jumpstart the new year!

Key Quotes

· “Sometimes there can be a separation between where we think we should be and where we are right now – and that somehow we’ve failed.”

· “We get into so many unconscious habits that we have no idea why we do the things we do.”

· “When we say ‘It’s not fair’ we just don’t take responsibility for our choices. We blame other people, which is really convenient but doesn’t move us closer to what we want.”

· “If you really trust yourself to follow through on the things you intentionally decide on, you can put anything in the result line.”

· “Allow yourself to create a plan that includes failure. And have that be a chance for you to practice being kind to yourself and compassionate. Actually try to understand that side of yourself.”

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