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Episode 102: Baby Steps


This episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers highlights baby steps – the little things we can do every day that ultimately form the foundation for our most profound dreams and goals. Molly shares the story of a client who had reached the point where it was impossible even to imagine losing weight or becoming the best version of herself and, at that point, the light finally went on: Enough is enough. It proved a turning point familiar to many of us, including Molly. When you’re finally ready to fully show up, that’s when it becomes truly possible to march toward long-term goals.

That long march, however, doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Not if you break it down into baby steps. Even marathon runners or masters of discipline must start initially with a single stride forward. So why not just get started? Molly lists a number of baby steps from which to choose and recommends doing only those that feel realistically achievable. Doing things that seem huge or create discomfort is a recipe for setbacks and disappointment. So keep your eyes fixed on something doable, something you can build on tomorrow and not dread today.

Your primitive brain is designed to block changes of any kind. But we’re on to that evolutionary tendency and with that awareness can gently push back, redirect our thoughts and then continue on … one baby step after another. They add up to big things and Molly will be there applauding when you reach the top of the mountain!

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Topics Covered

· You don’t need to make a huge change in order to lose weight.

· For many of us, the decision to make a change comes when we finally feel “enough is enough” and refuse to keep living in the same way.

· The journey starts with meeting yourself where you are: Maybe all you’re ready to do is commit to showing up for today and doing one small thing.

· A lot of times we don’t get started losing weight because the goal is overwhelming, which can be a stumbling block.

· Can you envision changing just one thing? Take that as point of entry.

· Even the most masterful among us started had to start with one step.

· Molly suggests a few baby steps – any of which could be a place to start:

o Drink water.

o Get enough sleep.

o Make sure to eat foods that fuel your body and burn fat.

o Eat primarily whole foods.

o Make food choices ahead of time.

o Regularly step on the scale.

o Be kind to yourself.

o Slow down and allow time for rest, reflect, reconnect.

o Keep a food diary.

o Swap out a processed snack for a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

o Go out and take a short walk.

· Instead of asking yourself why you can’t figure out your weight, ask yourself to find one small thing you can do better. Something small, something doable, something that will give you a feeling that you’re there for yourself and can succeed.

· Expect your brain to offer excuses! Your primitive brain wants you to stick with the status quo. Be ready and then go forward with your baby steps anyway.

· Molly shares the example of a client who lacked confidence in her organizational skills – despite the fact that she managed step by step to earn a PhD.

· Be realistic. If you set up goals that are onerous – however small – you won’t be able to stick with them. Choose things that you can actually accomplish.

· If your primitive brain tries to talk you out of doing what you want, meet it with a firm but loving voice that gently redirects you back to your chosen path.

· Show up for yourself in small ways, day by day, and watch over time as those modest victories compound to eventually loft you towards your goal.

Key Quotes

· “Sometimes we get to a point where we know that enough is enough … We just know that something needs to change. Maybe some of you are at that point.”

· “Even when you can’t believe in the ideal version of yourself, the starting place to reach your goal is just to meet yourself where you are.”

· “If you’re too intimidated to get started because it feels overwhelming or you’re afraid that you’re going to fail because you have to go all in and be perfect … it really does just come down to baby steps.”

· “The biggest stumbling block in front of you is the belief that you can’t do it; that it’s going to be too hard.”

· “Stepping on the scale on its own is not a big thing. It’s a little thing and just a matter of managing your mind and holding yourself accountable.”

· “Start with where you are and just take one small step.”

· “Commit to showing up for yourself by just taking a baby step from where you are and what you can do today and then build that big end-of-the-year goal on a mound of those little victories, those baby steps you take for yourself every day.”

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