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Episode 15: Taking Action

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode- Taking Action


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly Zemek discusses the different types of actions we take and the outcomes of each type of action. First, Molly makes sure the reader understands that we all take action every day. When we are overweight, we are overweight because of the actions we’ve taken. The actions that result in weight gain and unhealthy eating habits are called negative actions. The actions that we take that don’t result in positive momentum, but aren’t negative actions, are called passive actions. The type of action we need to take, in order to see weight loss results, is massive action. Massive action is taking a large amount of action, until you reach your end goal. Molly explains to her listeners what massive action looks like in your weight loss journey. She shares that the first step of massive action is commitment, and to know your reason why. After you know your why, and you are fully committed, even to the fact that you may fail, the next step is to create a food plan and decide what you’re going to eat. The rest of taking massive action includes actions such as cutting out snacking, not overeating and not eating for pleasure. Molly also encourages the listener that it is important to learn these new ways of living, and build habits out of these new actions, so that you are able to maintain your weight once you reach your weight loss goal.

Topics Covered

· The Importance of our Actions

· The Types of Action We Take

· The Outcomes of Negative and Passive Action

· The Value of Massive Action in Order to Lose and Maintain Weight

Key Quotes

“We take action every day, in life.”

“A lot of us, who are overweight, are overweight because we are taking the wrong kind of action for weight loss.”

“When you are in passive action, you’re simply a consumer of information.”

“Massive action, simply, is taking action, taking a large amount of action, until you achieve your desired results.”

“Massive action is the formula for achieving success.”


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