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Episode 43: How to Say "No"

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode- How to Say “No”


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly Zemek spends time giving encouragement and advice on how to experience your best this holiday season. Initially, Molly reminds listeners that the holiday season itself is not what causes us to feel a certain way or what causes the results at the end of the holiday season.

Ultimately, we feel the way we do, and get the results we get, because of the thoughts we choose to think during the holiday season. She goes on to share how many of our thoughts come from expectations we have during the holidays. Unmet expectations and doing things out of obligation can result in disappointment and resentment.

Molly’s advice to combat this, is to really consider what you feel obligated to do and then make a choice about whether or not you will do those things. While doing things out of obligation can easily lead to a feeling of resentment, doing things by choice can actually lead to more positive thoughts about a person, situation, or yourself, and those thoughts can lead to happiness. Molly encourages the listener to really be honest with yourself about different obligations and expectations, and strongly consider the choices you will make this holiday season. She refers to this as being in integrity with yourself.

Once you’ve been honest with yourself, you are able to move forward and make the best choices, be your best self, and end up with positive results this holiday season. Not only does she talk about how this impacts our relationship with food and giving ourselves permission to say no to certain foods or certain traditions, but she also addresses how this impacts our relationships with and thoughts towards others.

Topics Covered

· The Ability to Say No

· Our Expectations During the Holiday Season

· Obligations Versus Choices

· Being in Integrity with Yourself

· Giving Yourself Permission to Say No

Key Quotes

“If you have a result right now, during the holiday season, that you don’t like, it can be traced back to the thoughts that you have.”

“People are unwilling to say no to things that they don’t want to do.”

“When we do things out of obligation, we feel resentful.”

“Happiness doesn’t come from somebody else. Happiness comes from the thoughts that you have about a situation, or about yourself.”

“Discomfort is actually the path to growth.”

“What other people think about you, has nothing to do with you, it’s simply a reflection of them.”


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