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Episode 45: How To Recover From Overeating


This episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, with Molly Zemek, is all about how to recover from overeating. Molly begins the episode by explaining that we need to anticipate that failure will be part of the weight loss journey, so that we have a plan in order to work through the failure and keep moving forward.

She points out that it’s not a question of if you fail, but how you handle failure when it comes. She shares that moments of failure are an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, about why we eat what we eat, or why we eat the way we eat. As a result, you can better understand yourself and have understand the best way to move forward.

She goes on to explain how important it is to consider all that happens when you overeat. She walks the listeners through how to process what happened when they overate. First, get out a piece of paper and write down every single thing you overate, in order to truly recall what actually happened, and develop full awareness of the experience. Next, consider what triggered you to eat it, what thought you were having in your mind. If you don’t know what you were thinking, it’s a subconscious thought and it would be helpful to bring that thought into the conscious part of your mind. Next, consider how you felt, physically, after you overate.

Once you’ve processed those aspects of the moment of failure, ask yourself the following questions: What you could have done instead? What do you want to think about it now? What three things did you learn from the experience? What do you think you really needed or wanted in the moment? How can you let go of it now? How will this experience make you stronger moving forward? When we take time to process our failures and gain awareness, our failures become extremely beneficial in helping us to continue moving forward in our weight loss journey.

Topics Covered

· Expecting Failures

· The Importance of Processing Failure

· Effectively Processing Failure

· What We Can Learn About Ourselves from Overeating

· The Value of Failure

Key Quotes

“Expect that part of your weight loss journey is going to involve overeating from time to time. Part of this process does include failure.”

“A successful, sustainable weight loss journey is going to involve overeating occasionally, that is what the path looks like if it’s going to be sustainable.”

“Failing along the way is how you learn.”

“I started thinking about my way of eating less as a diet and more as a way of life, more as a type of lifestyle, something that I’m committed to, no matter what.”

“It’s only when you begin to see what’s going on in your mind, that you can actually truly begin to change it.”


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