Episode 49: How to Know if You're Ready


In this episode of the Weight Loss for Food-Lovers podcast, Molly takes on the recurring New Year’s diet dilemma that so many of us dread. Keto. Whole-30. My Fitness Pal. You name the fad. It’s that perennial rite: psyching up for a new food plan and all the attendant negative feelings of scarcity. Will it work or won’t it? Very often restrictive diets do the trick, until they don’t! Molly knows all about how it feels to follow the program, achieve desired results, then boomerang into self-congratulatory eating because … who can keep that kind of deprivation going?

Instead, with her online courses and hard-earned insights, Molly shares a different model that she has developed over time with her own trial and error. For starters, she no longer sabotages her best efforts by:

1) Failing to look at and understand the reasons behind her overeating.