Episode 51: Changing the Habit


In this episode of the Weight Loss for Food-Lovers podcast, Molly takes stock and asks her listeners to do the same. Where are you and how are you feeling one month into the new year? How’s your goal-setting and self-care? Are you building a healthy relationship with food or feeling powerless, stuck in a familiar cycle that doesn’t serve you? It could be that you’re laboring under the power of habit, but that can be changed!

Molly outlines ways in which to tackle automatic behaviors, starting with more intentionality and consciousness around everyday choices. Go-to patterns can be disrupted, but effort is required. And not just the sort of effort we associate with will power. We are talking here about rewiring the brain, which starts with some emotional spade work and requires an openness to change.

For starters, it’s critical to understand why we get started in the cycle of overeating in the first place. Molly offers some of the most common stumbling blocks. Any one or a combination of several things can ensnare our brains and leave us