Episode 53: Good and Bad Foods


In this episode of the Weight Loss for Food-Lovers podcast Molly is fired up about the notion of “good” versus “bad” foods and programs that rely on abstinence as a model for weight control. As a coach she has witnessed first-hand the high rate of failure among those who rely on the total elimination of certain foods or food groups. While extreme or highly limited diets may work long-term for some people, as a lifestyle it just doesn’t work for the majority of people.

Programs based on will power might work for temporarily, but there is no escaping the ubiquity of food. It’s everywhere! When forbidden foods are established and then banished, there is an inevitable boomerang effect. Deprivation leads to heightened desire which leads to a slip and then … the sense of failure and futility.

Molly wants to help food-lovers break that cycle. For starters she recommends ditching two buzzword notions that she believes only undermine our ability to find peace and balance in our relationship with food – foods of all kinds. First, she wants to eliminate the term “addiction” in conjunction with food. While that “all or nothing” approach might be effective for some, Molly believes the majority of people need a perspective that allows for a little more nuance. And speaking of nuance, she wants to ditch altogether the labels “good” and “bad” as regards food. She explains why it’s important to free both hunger and specific foods from harsh labels. A bag of Cheetos is not sinful and a plate of asparagus is not synonymous with virtue!