Episode 54: Easy & Natural


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly talks about the cornerstone of weight loss – commitment. In order to be successful, you must meet yourself where you are. Understand what is making your commitment challenging, look at your thoughts and decide if they’re serving you. Is it possible they’re not true?

One of the main goals of Molly’s podcast is to look for common threads in every story. What she found is that most people think that weight loss should be ‘natural’ and ‘easy.’ Often, it can be both, but only at first. A few months in, sneaky thoughts can begin to form.

The primitive brain is wired to seek pleasure, safety and comfort. That’s why we see food as ‘fun,’ not fuel. Our society reinforces this idea and it’s ultimately how our habits are formed. As a result, many people feel that ‘easy’ and ‘natural’ means better. This is a lie. The brain only gives us a snapshot of what we want to hear, not the complete picture. Almost everything that we value has been gained through hard work. We must reject the myth that weight l