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Episode 55: Feeling Certain (in Uncertain Times)


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly talks about having certainty through uncertain times. Almost a year into the pandemic, it feels like nothing has changed – schools are closed and people are in quarantine. Anxiety still causes many of us to overeat.

Molly defines certainty as a ‘feeling of being completely sure’ and ‘the quality of being reliably true.’ It’s a common misconception that certainty stems from circumstance. Instead, it comes entirely from your mind. People struggle because they don’t rely on themselves. The truth is, you do not need permission to change. You can decide how you want to think in any given situation.

To see your desired result, you must have confidence in your abilities. This is especially true with weight loss. Past circumstances do not dictate the future. Don’t fall into the pattern of thinking ‘I don’t know.’ It’s important to realize that you have full agency over how you feel and how you process those feelings.

Look at your thoughts objectively. What do you want to believe? Uncertainty is a fact of life, and it’s only a problem if you believe that it is. As a life coach, Molly asks her clients to imagine the best case scenario and encourages others to do the same. Acknowledge your feelings and recognize what you have. Create the best future for yourself.

Ultimately, you can be completely certain of the present moment. Stay grounded in the reality of your situation. Do not dwell on the past. Sometimes, negative emotions are necessary to help us appreciate what’s positive. Life is about finding a balance and rejecting the lie that we should always be happy. This thought almost always drives us to negative habits.

Just remember, you can control your ability to connect with yourself. Once you do this, you will gain a greater understanding and find your way.

Topics Covered

- Redefining ‘certainty’ in a pandemic

- You do not need permission to change

- Why past circumstances do not dictate the future

- Appreciating negative emotions

- How to connect with yourself

Key Quotes

“It’s very normal for us to look to everything that’s happening in the world and think that in order to really feel grounded and safe, some of these variables, some of these unknowns, have to be cleared up. We have to have a sense of what’s happening in order to really feel grounded. And the truth is, that’s not the way the world works.”

“You have every opportunity to decide what you want to think about a situation, what meaning you want to give to it, what it means to you. And that is the most powerful asset that you have.”

“Your past, and the evidence of what you’ve been able to do or not do, is not an indication of what you can do in the future.”

“The truth is, uncertainty is a part of life. There are things that we are uncertain about that can’t be changed. None of us know when we’re going to die. For that matter, none of us know what tomorrow will bring.”

“A lot of times, we pursue things like food or alcohol because we think we should feel better. We have this false sense that we should always be happy, that we should always feel good, that we should always feel at peace and often, it drives us to these negative habits. When the truth is, having some of those negative emotions actually makes our life richer.”

“In every situation, you get to decide what you want to make it mean…even when things don’t go according to plan.”

“You are going to find your way, even during the most uncertain times, if you’re just willing to take uncertainty along for the ride. Knowing it’s not a problem, knowing it’s the way life is and knowing that there is some magic in not always knowing how things are going to play out.”

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