Episode 56: Wine & Weight Loss (Part 1)


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly shares the story of how she cut back on alcohol and the positive impact it had on her life. Growing up, wine was the culture of Molly’s family. It wasn’t just a way to relax. It was a constant topic of conversation and a source of pride. While Molly didn’t drink until she was older, she began to learn the ‘lifestyle’ of alcohol at an early age.

These habits compounded during her 20’s and 30’s, as Molly continued the tradition of daily ‘wine time’ and added a few extra glasses of her own. As a chef and sommelier, wine dominated Molly’s professional and personal life. For a while, it felt like her purpose.

Then, during her 40’s, she became increasingly dissatisfied. Digestive issues, chronic anxiety, insomnia and irritation were only a few of the problems that plagued her daily life. While she would not define her past as alcoholism, Molly began to realize that her alcohol habits were affecting her in a negative way. They even contributed to overeating.