Episode 57: Wine & Weight Loss (Part 2)


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly takes on a pairing that many of us would like to take off the menu: Overeating and overdrinking. A sommelier by training, she wasn’t looking to remove alcohol from her life entirely, but rather to establish a more deliberate relationship. (Note: If you are someone for whom alcohol is an addiction, what follows may not be applicable and would be something to discuss with your physician.) Just as the all-or-nothing model for dieting tends to boomerang, simply abstaining from alcohol for many is not a viable or desirable long-term plan.

For Molly it has been a process – one that incorporates several critical pillars. She first took a deliberate break, then used that time to cultivate awareness and learn how to process challenging emotions. Substituting new forms of pleasure was also a critical element that helped her brain and body re-engage with enjoyment.

This is where Life Coaching comes in. Much like when it comes to tackling the habit of overeating, lear