Episode 59: Navigating Failure


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly gets honest about a subject that society teaches us to avoid: Failure. Rather than seeing setbacks as a reason for self-reproach and shame, how about reframing them as an inevitable part of the journey to ultimate success? Achievement isn’t just about reaching a goal. It’s also about demonstrating resilience and grace in the face of obstacles.

Molly gets personal about the challenges she has faced over the past three years; the many times she doubted whether she would meet the lofty goals she had set (a 35-pound weight loss, new relationship with alcohol and thriving Life Coaching practice). Rather than be defined, or paralyzed, by discouraging thoughts she used her failures as an opportunity for growth. In this episode Molly shares how it’s possible to explore shortcomings honestly and with self-compassion – and why it’s so important that we do that painstaking work, which only gets easier over time.

There are concrete steps to take in the face of defeat that not only will get you back on track but will also empower greater self-acceptance and