Episode 61: How to Handle Vacation


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly tackles the issue of keeping up a food plan for weight loss as we move into the summer season where more people are participating in social plans or going on vacations or to special events, and it can feel more tempting than usual to over-indulge in food. She shares her tips for how she thinks about eating on vacations and how she makes a plan for herself when she does go on them.

Molly advises that the first step for anyone going on vacation should be to decide what their goal is for their weight while on their trip - gaining, maintaining, or losing. She also advises writing down ahead of time all of the foods you’d like to eat on your vacation, and then auditing that list to pick out what’s really worth it to you to indulge in. By knowing what your goal is ahead of time, it is much easier to work out a meal plan that will suit that goal, and then actually stick to that meal plan with intention.

Molly also discusses the importance of thinking about the other things, outside of food, that you would like to experience on your vacation, and assessing what kind of meals will help you best achieve all of your travel goals (ie. if you want to spend time in nature and go on a lot of hikes, then less heavy meals that will fuel you for exercise are a good way to go). She wraps up by offering tips for how to readjust to a normal food plan after getting home from a vacation, by pre-planning and even preparing meals ahead of time to immediately get back into your normal weight-loss schedule.