Episode 64: Exercise & Weight Loss


Molly challenges what you’ve heard about exercise for this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers. She provides tips on how exercise affects your body and how to implement an exercise routine that fits the stage you’re in.

Going back to the core of Molly’s weight loss plan, this episode frees you from the guilt of hitting an unrealistic exercise goal to be able to lose weight. Without over exercising but by simply changing your mindset you can start to see real results. Molly not only gives tips for what kinds of exercise is best while you’re working to shed pounds but she also dives deep into how you can incorporate exercise into your life for enjoyment. Whatever you relationship with exercise, Molly breaks it down to simple, easy steps to creating a healthy mindset and a healthy body.

By starting small you can begin to build momentum off the progress you feel and the more accustomed you become to that feeling, the easier it is to replicate it day in and day out. Molly’s tips provide the backbone to a healthier lifestyle and restores your relationship to exercise to one you can feel good about.