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Episode 65: Holding Yourself Accountable


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly speaks about the importance of accountability and why it’s an essential component of weight loss.

Many people fail to reach their goal because they don’t actually believe success is possible. Hope is not a strategy, it is a loose commitment. Every single person is capable of losing weight. No one needs to be ‘fixed’ because it’s not the person that’s wrong, it’s the mindset. Accountability is crucial in unwinding these programmed thoughts and habits in order to change.

Making a firm commitment can be scary because deep down, we are afraid that we will let ourselves down. We don’t want to come face-to-face with our ‘inner critic,’ or receive ‘punishment’ for not meeting our goals. This is not what accountability is about. It’s a chance to practice compassion and create awareness while moving forward.

This approach goes against what feels natural to us. When we are cruel or dismissive, we allow our unconscious thoughts to stay in our mind under the surface. We must trust that we’ll do the right thing and commit to truth. Each circumstance is an opportunity to learn.

Long term success is achieved by writing down every detail when you go off plan. What were you believing in the moment? Why was it hard to allow the urge? You must frame the situation how it was meant to be framed. Negative thinking is optional and creates resistance. When you don’t entertain these types of thoughts, your brain eventually realizes that it’s not useful to suggest them.

Molly has learned a number of truths on her accountability journey – ‘I’ll just have one more bite’ is a lie, urges can start with an innocent thought and surrounding yourself with tempting food leads to overeating. She has also discovered the importance of not buying food for ‘someone else,’ especially if they didn’t ask for it, as well as the relief of purchasing snacks for her children that she doesn’t like.

Accountability is not easy, but it has the ability to change even the biggest eater’s relationship with food.

Topics Covered

- Hope is not a strategy, just a loose commitment

- Accountability does not mean punishment

- What’s actually happening in your brain

- Improving the diet mentality

- Lessons from an accountable life

Key Quotes

“I’m not here to fix anybody. I don’t think of my job as being somebody who comes in and solves a problem, the reason being is that there’s nothing wrong with you.”

“Each and every one of us are fully capable of figuring this out. It’s just that we need somebody to show us what we already have.”

“Hope is not a strategy for weight loss. It’s just a very loose commitment.”

“Holding yourself accountable…is such an important part of weight loss, not only because it brings awareness to the underlying thoughts and the triggers that lead to overeating, it helps you better understand those things. But it also is very much an opportunity for you to practice kindness and compassion to yourself.”

“Trust is not something that just happens. In any relationship you have to build trust.”

“Having tempting food around makes it so much more likely to overeat.”

“I want you to question any thinking that you have around making a special stop for somebody else, especially if they didn’t ask for it.”

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