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Episode 66: Basic Habits of Weight Loss


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly covers the basics of weight loss and why they are often forgotten.

The main reason behind this shift is due to the old school diet mentality. Deep down, most of us believe that suffering, restriction and drastic action are required to lose weight. Because of this, uncertainty can easily throw us off track. We allow negative thoughts to creep in and they create doubt that a more measured approach will work.

Commitment is more important than perfection. Nobody is perfect, no plan is perfect, but kindness leads to understanding. We must accept what happened when we fail, not think that it’s a problem and be willing to learn from the experience.

Otherwise, we will naturally gravitate to quick fix plans that don’t work. While they create temporary results, they are not sustainable and lead to negative disempowering thoughts. Swearing something off makes it a ‘forbidden fruit,’ which in turn makes it more appealing. The primitive brain interprets change as danger. If you’re not managing your mind, it’s easy to get stuck in a negative cycle when it comes to food. You have to be fully present when you eat and believe that you will succeed.

Molly presents the ‘basics’ of weight loss as basic habits of commitment – planning in advance, creating written accountability, weighing yourself, being kind, drinking water, sleeping well and remembering your ‘why.’ All of these tactics sounds simple, but when combined, engage your higher brain and help you build a better relationship with yourself. When you adopt these habits, it’s easy to see how much more effective they are than traditional diet programs.

There are many different things that affect your relationship with food. The one constant is your ability to control your mind. Get rid of your old habits and build ones that create positivity. Eventually, these new ways will become automatic.

Topics Covered

- Why your brain thinks it’s being helpful

- Commitment is more important than perfection

- Quick fix plans are not sustainable

- The basics of losing weight

o Planning for success

o Written accountability

o Weighing yourself

o How to be kind

o Water and sleep

o Remembering the ‘why’

- Managing your relationship with food

Key Quotes

“The basics are really the fundamentals that will help you lose weight and keep it off.”

“You are not supposed to be perfect, nobody’s perfect. There is no perfect plan. There is no perfect execution of any of this. It’s all about committing.”

“When we go through transitions in life…a lot of those negative thought patterns reemerge and it’s another opportunity to just revisit what you’re believing.”

“When you do something drastic, it’s going to set you up to fail because it’s very unlikely it’s something you’re going to be able to do for the rest of your life.”

“It’s very easy to justify eating things that are not on your plan if you are not always clear why you’re working towards weight loss.”

“What’s at stake if I give into the urge? It’s not just the weight gain. It’s setting off a pattern of beliefs and thoughts and rewarding yourself with food.”

“Write it down and look at it every day so that new way of thinking becomes automatic.”

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