Episode 68: The Worry Solution


This episode is the first in a series about releasing the mental weight with weight loss. Often what causes us to overeat or over drink are general life issues and this series is designed to take a closer look at what those are and what we can do about it. In this episode Molly focuses her attention on worry.

Worry is an indulgent emotion, by giving in we are spending our mental, emotional and physical energy on something happening or something that might happen. Often times, when worry becomes a habit, we are anxious and uncertain about something that may never happen. We become worked up over a problem that hasn’t even happened yet and as a result we are wasting valuable time and energy and not actually solving any problems. Molly dives into what causes us to worry and shares three key questions we can ask ourselves to help release this emotion.

When we get stuck in a cycle of worry it’s easy to feel powerless and to stop thinking about what we can actually do. When it comes to weight loss, this can make it really difficult to stay on a plan or to make any progress. Molly stresses that this emotion is totally unnecessary and by focusing on some easy steps, she provides a way out of worry so that you can begin to feel empowered to make actual changes in your life and live a life you feel good about.