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Episode 72: My Epic Fail


In this episode Molly gets real and shares her struggle with failure… of epic proportions! Now that the story has reached its conclusion she is able to look back and glean insightful and applicable lessons that can be applied to any life goal, especially those we set in relation to our eating and drinking habits.

After suffering major setbacks upon working towards a major life goal, Molly was close to giving up. Instead of giving into those negative thoughts and discouragement, she leaned into feedback, made changes and was able to grow into the person she needed to be. Ultimately, this is a happy story that ends in a huge win but what she has learned in this process is invaluable to anyone who has ever struggled with feelings of frustration, anger, resentment or defeat.

By sticking true to her goals for herself and what she knew to be true about the person she is, she was able to overcome adversity and work through setbacks and ultimately grow into the person who was capable of achieving her dreams. Molly’s story has universal applications and is a remarkably encouraging and refreshing take on failure.

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Topics Covered

  • Molly dives deep into a person story of failure but spoiler alert: it ends with a huge win!

  • With every success or huge win there have likely been a ton of failures that led up to it

  • Failure is necessary to reach success. Failure may cause us to give up or get very close to that point but that might not be the appropriate response.

  • When we’re going after a big goal and it’s getting challenging or not happening as fast as we think it should our brain offers up some typical negative thoughts

  • Negative thoughts can get in the way of processing critical feedback.

  • When you start to believe those negative thoughts, doubt creeps in and further prevents achieving your goal.

  • Look to feedback to see if there is anything in there that can make you stronger

  • Stay true to the goals you want for yourself and listen to the real truth that you have for yourself even if people discourage it or steer you away.

  • Seeing setbacks as a learning opportunity

  • We don’t always get feedback but you can assess the situation yourself. By taking an objective look you can learn about yourself and learn more about your habits and what you can change.

  • Don’t resist reality, learn from it.

Key Quotes

  • “As fun as it is to tell all the stories of success, I actually prefer to tell the stories of failure. Because what I’ve noticed is that people are often not willing to tell stories of failure so many of us go around thinking we’re the only ones who fail.”

  • “I need to be willing to fail every step of the way in order to get to the success at the end.”

  • “The more you begin to understand that failure is very much a part of achieving any major goal, the more willing you may be to take the first step and do something risky.”

  • When I was able to finally push past the frustration and the resentment and anger, I asked myself ‘Is there anything in that feedback that is valuable for me, is there anything I can learn here.’”

  • “I was letting what other people thank and say influence what I thought was the right thing.”

  • I wanted to put myself in that position because I knew it would be a transforming experience”

  • “I would not be in the place that I was with full confidence and full certainty in myself had I not been through all those periods of failure and until I went through the doubt and the questioning and reevaluated my commitment.”

  • “Had it happened any sooner I would not have been prepared.”

  • “The biggest reward that came from this experience was the resiliency that I built handling failure.”

  • “The way I reached a point of being compassionate was just by allowing things to be the way they were and figuring out what I could learn from them.”

  • “In any situation of failure or setback, there is a lesson. The way to learn the lesson is by trying to release any judgement you have towards yourself.”

  • “It’s not truly a failure unless you completely give up on yourself.”

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