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Episode 74: Mid-Year Resolutions

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode 74


We all associate resolutions with New Year’s Day, but this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers reveals why summer actually offers an equally great opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Wherever we are or hope to be, Molly has tips for getting and staying there. It all starts with a Mid-Year Check-In to revisit – and reignite – life commitments.

If over-eating and over-drinking are often ways to escape feelings, Molly’s check-in offers the opposite: A safe place to assess our personal growth. What will it take to continue evolving? How do we more fully connect with our truest selves? Molly walks us through the Four R’s – her framework for assessing, adjusting and re-committing to resolutions. It’s a process built on self-compassion, not self-reproach. Gently but honestly questioning our goals will help engender a new sense of clarity and determination moving into the second half of the year.

For Molly, two big goals for 2021 were upping her exercise and overall fun quotients. But, as her check-in helped reveal, there was a mindset to confront. She had lots of thoughts about why it might be too late, too inconvenient or too embarrassing to return to her childhood passion for swimming. There were excuses aplenty, but ultimately it came down to a simple first step: Just showing up and doing her best.

Not surprisingly, Molly’s re-entry into the world of Master’s Swimming has been amazing! Her fears have been allayed and she’s achieving both the exercise and the fun she desired. Do your 2021 resolutions need a jump-start? If so, then this episode of Weight Loss for Food Lovers is for you!

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Topics Covered

  • Why mid-year is a great time to re-assess or re-ignite New Year’s resolutions.

  • Molly shares a framework for performing a check-in.

  • The Four R’s:

  • Remind: Circle back to your thoughts in January and bring them around to a fresh start for the second half of the year.

  • Re-set & Re-start: Establish once again (without judgment about progress thus far) both long-term goals, motivation and willingness to act.

  • Re-commit: Get granular about actionable steps for executing your goal.

  • Reward & Recognize: Notice ways in which you’re showing up for yourself and positively reinforce your commitment – whatever stage of progress you’ve reached. A few hints for this important step:

  • Resist self-reproach vis-a-vis where you’ve fallen short.

  • Acknowledge positive steps, including checking in on yourself.

  • Build into your process rewards that replace food and wine.

  • Take the opportunity to practice self-compassion.

  • Food or drink may feel compelling in the moment, but a mid-year resolution offers the chance to tap into a true knowing about what you really desire.

  • Take time to celebrate exactly where you are and exactly what you’re pursuing.

  • Molly uses the example of her desire to increase exercise and explains how articulating goals, either in writing or spoken aloud, helps them manifest.

  • A shift in approach: How about just showing up – and doing the best that you can? Regardless the goal, it’s all about taking one step forward.

  • The work may not be easy, but discomfort is part of advancing toward our profoundest desires.

  • Whatever the challenge, it’s ultimately our thoughts that determine how we feel about facing a mountain and whether we’re prepared to embrace – or even enjoy – the climb.