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Episode 77: Limiting Beliefs

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek

Episode 77


This episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers is dedicated to the proposition that “believing on purpose” leads to meaningful change. However stuck or discouraged by stumbles we may feel, Molly shines a light on a different path, sharing exercises to help transition from a feeling of helplessness to a place of empowerment. She uses an anecdote about her sons, aspiring competitive swimmers, to illuminate a strategy espoused by Olympic champion Michael Phelps. Start off by simply eliminating the world “can’t” to open up a world of possibility.

When we substitute a picture of our future selves for negative assumptions built on unreliable perceptions of the past, it starts the process of building up capability. Molly underscores the importance of short-circuiting self-limiting beliefs like, “I can’t do this” or “I’ve always failed in the past.” Instead, it’s all about identifying those thoughts and envisioning a future self fully capable of making different choices.

Molly shares her experience with stepping into uncomfortable spaces, specific thoughts to use when urges set in and encouragement to take daily action, no matter how modest – one small step at a time – towards achieving and maintaining long-term weight loss goals. It can be done and Molly shows us how with her characteristic compassion and warmth!

You can listen to the Weight Loss for Food-Lovers episode all about navigating failure referenced by Molly, as well as additional previous podcasts, by clicking here.

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Topics Covered

  • Evolution and growth require some discomfort – whether in the arena of sports (like Molly’s sons, aspiring competitive swimmers) or in the long-term maintenance of a successful food plan.

  • Molly takes a page from Michael Phelps’ philosophy with regard to making changes that reframe limiting beliefs.

  • Negative self-talk can essentially beget a negative result that mirrors that belief.

  • Taking the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary immediately opens up so many more possibilities.

  • Using negative proof from the past as a harbinger of the future sets you on exactly that course.

  • Making the shift: It’s critical to orient your mindset towards a wide-open future in which anything is possible, whatever has occurred in the past.

  • Are you someone who feels you never follow through? Molly deconstructs what this belief actually means and how to double down on a commitment to a different outcome that actually works!

  • “Believing on purpose” requires intentionality and practice. It’s a process.

  • When visualizing a different identity – perhaps one that is 50 pounds lighter, for instance – it’s important not to be overwhelmed by too much of a reach. It all starts with one small step.

  • Mastering your own thinking in the moment is an essential first step toward cultivating a different, more positive mindset.

  • We can watch negative thoughts almost as if they are clouds passing by, then choose to turn down the volume on self-talk that does not serve.

  • Thoughts to deploy in the moment, when urges feel powerful:

    • “It’s possible that I can sit with this and handle a little momentary discomfort.

    • “It’s possible that I can be fully satisfied with the amount that I have.”

    • “It’s possible that all I need to do is take a first step towards creating the life that I want.”

    • “Maybe I just need to do my best today and focus on what I can control.”

  • When it comes to making meaningful change, our thoughts are a powerful primary ingredient and invaluable resource.

Key Quotes

  • “Evolution and personal growth almost always comes after you’re willing to do something uncomfortable.”

  • “The whole essence of thought work and life coaching hinges on what you choose to believe in any given circumstance.”

  • “What you choose to believe ultimately is what you create for yourself.”

  • “Instead of defining yourself by your past and what you haven’t been able to do … start identifying yourself by the possibility of your future.”

  • “In order for change to take root, it has to be something believable for you right now.”

  • “You’re not fully going to believe (in your weight loss) until you get there, but you can practice believing in it now.”

  • “We want to start practicing habits in advance.”

  • “Setbacks are not true failures. They’re an opportunity to learn at a deeper level.”

  • “Do not underestimate the power of your brain to create what you want. It’s the secret ingredient.”

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