Episode 79: How to Have Fun


This episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers offers a sneak-peak into Molly’s 12-week course with a recorded lesson that’s among the most popular she has ever taught: “How To Have More Fun!”

Our primitive minds know that food and alcohol offer immediate gratification; the kind of easily accessible, short-term fun we associate with parties or vacations or celebrations. But Molly explains that “natural fun” comes from an entirely different source. It’s something that has to be identified and cultivated. This may be challenging to do at first, but it always delivers long-term satisfaction and confidence.

Molly offers up a number of strategies for developing new forms of gratification or, as she puts it, exercising our “fun muscle.” It’s important that we look at what thoughts our brains are offering about what defines fun and figure out whether there aren’t new ways to practice pleasure. Are there things we can do differently when coping with social and other situations that are focused on food/drink? What are some effective ways to head off reflexive behaviors or feelings of deprivation? Molly shares great tips and helps us learn the power of visualizing the future – the ongoing good feelings we experience when we choose healthy, positive, self-generated ways to have fun.