Episode 81: Food As a Panacea

This episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers focuses on the term ‘panacea’ in relation to food – a remedy that makes you feel better. Molly focuses her discussion on how we perceive food when we are sick, and the interplay between our desires and needs. Throughout the episode, she provides examples from her own personal experiences as well as others’ experiences with food as a panacea.

The perception of food can be warped when an individual is sick due to previous experiences that have associated a certain food with sickness. For some people, this may consist of chicken soup or honey, for Molly it is sweetened iced tea with lemon. Molly additionally explains that this occurrence happens from the thought processes we formulate to assuage the pain – our brains will provide factitious reasons why eating comfort foods is better than eating healthy foods.

Molly encourages the listener to pay attention to these desires when experiencing an illness and to recognize true needs. She states that food, in a general sense, is not always a remedy for wellness, and she provides a list of other solutions that are helpful, including resting, slowing down, and taking medication.

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