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Episode 84: The Hard Truth of Self-Love


This episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers is all about the hard truth of self-love. Molly shares thoughts about what it means to honor our most authentic ‘self’ and imagine a future in which we attain the things we desire. Starting from a place of accepting who we are makes the journey easier and sweeter. But first we need to get past the shaming, mean, negative self-talk. Because “punishing yourself into thinness” just isn’t a thing. You can’t loathe yourself into weight loss.

Even if we’ve worked hard to accept ourselves exactly as we are (and exactly as we are is in and of itself miraculous, says Molly), there is still room to take stock. We can acknowledge and embrace ourselves, know deeply that we are fully worthy, and still take inventory and ask: Am I living my best life?

Molly shares her coaching insights and advises that sometimes the best self-love is tough love. Whether it’s getting up extra early to exercise or saying “no” when a voice in your head urges you to numb emotion with food or drink, the hard truth is that doing the best thing for ourselves isn’t always the easiest. It is, however, always the truest.

If you’d like help launching yourself on the journey towards self-love and living your best life, you can check out Molly’s 12-week course here. Or set up a free discovery call to discuss with her what coaching can do for you here.

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Topics Covered

  • Molly jumps into a reflection on self-love – its meaning and purpose.

  • Punishing yourself into thinness? It doesn’t work!

  • Your weight loss journey will be more enjoyable if it starts with self-love.

  • What it means to fiercely love – and honor – yourself at the deepest level.

  • Self-love means being a coach to yourself, which sometimes means being a tough task-master.

  • Things that Molly does out of self-love (and they’re not always easy):

    • Waking up early to go swimming.

    • Writing down and reflecting on situations in which she overeats.

    • Re-committing to her business goals (even when she’d rather kick back).

    • Sitting with frustration rather than reaching for food or drink to blunt it.

  • Believe in what you deserve and that you can achieve it, even when the road is long or challenging.

Key Quotes

  • “Sometimes we try to lose weight from a place of self-loathing. We hate how we look or maybe we’ve been in the habit of shaming and criticizing ourselves.”

  • “We think we can punish ourselves into thinness, but we can’t.”

  • “When you genuinely love yourself and practice loving yourself, you’re more likely to want to do things that take care of your ‘self.’ ”

  • “We often mistakenly believe that eating is a way to feel better … but you don’t actually need it for relief. What you desire is a much deeper human need.”

  • “Sometimes the best self-love is tough love.”

  • “True self-love is not abandoning yourself to food or alcohol. It’s not escaping how you feel, but being willing to stay present in the moment with your true self.”

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