Episode 85: Cruise Control Eating


Is your primal brain calling the shots? This episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers is all about taking back the power when you’ve slipped into cruise control eating. Molly defines what it means to take your hands off the steering wheel and let something other than yourself determine the speed and pace of your food voices. It’s easy and effortless to grab something to eat unconsciously, but do we really want to let our lower brain dictate our journey?

It’s easy to slip into cruise control eating and it can happen for all kinds of reasons: A change or disruption (like pandemic), a vacation splurge (you’ll likely regret later) or a period of crisis or stress. Whatever is going on around you, however, you always have a choice. Molly offers tips for getting back in control, including:

  • Step onto the scale. It’s only a metric. If it triggers shame or bad feelings, use the opportunity to examine and better understand your thoughts.

  • Write down everything you eat. Look honestly at what you were thinking and/or feeling when you made the choices you did. There is valuable information to be mined, information you can use the next time your primitive brain tries to climb into the driver’s seat.