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Episode 86: Having Integrity


This episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers is all about a word that doesn’t often come up in the pages of diet books: Integrity. What is it? How do you identify it in yourself and other people? How is it connected with our food choices? Molly walks us through it – from defining the word to explaining step-by-step how to align ourselves with it. Integrity is the critical first step we take towards deep, long-term self-respect and empowerment.

Molly shares her own journey, just four years ago, from being 40 pounds overweight and in a cycle of despair to realizing that she had all the tools necessary for not only sustainable weight loss but a joyful new approach to living. It’s a journey that starts with self-awareness and honesty. Many of us find ourselves out of integrity at least some of the time, but that’s okay. The trouble starts when the inner monologue is steeped in shaming and reproach. Instead, Molly suggests, take food choices and urges as an opportunity to learn information about what we’re thinking and what we need. Integrity is built on truth and the truth is: None of us is perfect! Once we grasp this, it’s possible to move into a deeper exploration of our truest selves.

Molly walks us through some thoughts to consider and actions to take in the pursuit of reconnecting with integrity. If we don’t need the extra food and alcohol, what then do we really need? Could it be that we need to relax or rest? Maybe we want to numb or hide from feelings that might provoke fear or anxiety?

Often we think our weight loss journeys are singular and must be managed on our own. But, as Molly herself learned first-hand, having a neutral, non-judgmental person to whom she could be accountable made a huge difference. If you’re stuck in a cycle of unsustainable dieting and endless self-reproach, you might find coaching your best ally when it comes to moving fully back into integrity with yourself.

If you’d like to learn more about integrity and the role it plays in your life, click here to set up a free discovery call with Molly to discuss what coaching can do for you. You can also learn about her 12-week course here.

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Topics Covered

  • Molly shares her evolution over the past four years – including the process of dropping 40 extra pounds. At 40 years old, her sleep was lousy, she had indigestion, her mood was low. But she had hope and was open.

  • When she stumbled upon coaching, it was a gamechanger. Molly suddenly realized that she had so much more power and agency than she’d imagined.

  • Initially Molly’s goal was to lose weight and she was willing to try anything. But by using coaching to change her mindset, she was on her way to getting back into integrity with herself.

  • Integrity. What exactly is it? Molly shares words/concepts that sum it up.

    • Self-awareness

    • Trustworthiness

    • Truthfulness

    • Responsibility

    • Authenticity

  • Words that do NOT relate to integrity? Perfect and flawless.

  • Pre-requisites for being whole include:

    • Recognizing your best intentions.

    • Recognizing your desire to over-eat or over-drink.

    • Embracing both sides of the equation.

  • Highly restrictive diets only serve to divide you against yourself. Part of us wants to follow the rules but another part inevitably rises up to rebel.

  • Coming into integrity means accepting and honoring the parts of us that want what we want. It’s also about being curious about the reasons why we’re turning to food or drinking too much.

  • Being in integrity isn’t just doing the right thing all the time. And it’s not about shaming or scolding yourself into line. It’s about being whole, and honest.

  • When we dig into the layer beneath eating and drinking there’s valuable information to be found out about ourselves and our basic human needs.

  • Curiosity is key: It’s essential to question ourselves honestly about our thoughts and feelings about food.

  • Practice thinking this: “I am a person of integrity.” How does it feel? Notice what thoughts come to mind. Many of those thoughts might not be true.

  • Integrity begins with this self-knowledge, building upon and solidifying what works for us, what’s possible and how we can create more of what we want.

  • What we all most want? To be true to ourselves. That’s a life lived in integrity.

Key Quotes

  • “Integrity has been one of my top values for a long time … It’s something I strive to have more of.”

  • “I wasn’t sure there was a diet approach out there for me because I love food so much and wasn’t willing to give up the foods that I love.”

  • “I knew how to starve myself to lose weight … but I didn’t know how to do it in a way that I could maintain for the rest of my life.”

  • “Once I had that awareness that unlocked the door to my future and ideal self, it was a type of learning that I couldn’t undo. It was like a lightbulb being turned on.”

  • “When you are in integrity with yourself, you are at your most powerful place. You are in a true place of empowerment with full agency over your life and where it’s headed.”

  • “It’s really important not to confuse integrity with perfectionism.”

  • “Traditional diets when they’re restricting and depriving create the opposite of integrity. In fact, they divide us against ourselves.”

  • “Being in integrity is acknowledging weaknesses and trying to understand them better so that we can work on evolving beyond them.”

  • “Integrity is something we can all create more of in our lives simply by accepting where we are.”

  • “(Coaches) make it so much easier. It helps you get connected to your source of power that much quicker.”

  • “Integrity first and foremost is about being connected to you – not living up to anybody else’s expectation of you. It’s about connecting with the truth of yourself.”

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