Episode 87: Wanting to Rebel


Have you ever wanted to kick your food plan to the curb? (And who hasn’t?) Say hello to your rebellious side! In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly explains where that impulse comes from and ways to consider it in another light. Rather than a force to fight against, maybe your psyche is giving you some useful information. The urge to toss your food plan out the window often comes from feeling divided or out of integrity with yourself. (If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to listen to last week’s podcast all about being integral with yourself.)

If you’re looking for a sign that perhaps you’ve got some rebellion in play, consider how often the words “you should” float through your head. You may also be thinking that your food plan is restrictive, which triggers all kinds of triggers around diets that haven’t worked in the past or which left you feeling deprived. Whatever it is your brain is saying, whether conscious or unconscious, it’s worth figuring out. The alternative often winds up being a lot of negative self-talk that will never shame you into losing weight. To the contrary, when we criticize ourselves for overeating it can ignite a whole cycle of counter-productive judgment and self-recrimination!

Rather than scolding ourselves, Molly explains how important it is to examine our thoughts. They are a window into understanding when and why we overeat or overdrink. Instead of rejecting or rebelling against yourself, tr