Episode 89: Susu's Story


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, we meet Susu – who shares a story that will likely resonate with many of us. For a long time she ate mindlessly and used exercise to offset the calories, a framework that has shifted with help from Molly’s coaching and lifestyle plan.

Prior to her work with Molly, Susu was stuck in a cycle of obsession with food that was impacting her sleep, her mood and her entire quality of life. She was fed up with fad diets and exhausted by the continuous effort to keep herself in line and on track, often feeling deprived all the while.

Once she had a glimpse of what it might be like not to have thoughts of food cycling nonstop through her head, Susu knew she had to find a new and sustainable way. She was tired of the wasted time and emotion and determined not to pass these habits of thought and behavior on when she had children someday.

Exercise proved a pivotal part of Susu’s dieting cycle, so she and Molly set about deconstructing. What motivated it? Wha