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Episode 89: Susu's Story


In this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, we meet Susu – who shares a story that will likely resonate with many of us. For a long time she ate mindlessly and used exercise to offset the calories, a framework that has shifted with help from Molly’s coaching and lifestyle plan.

Prior to her work with Molly, Susu was stuck in a cycle of obsession with food that was impacting her sleep, her mood and her entire quality of life. She was fed up with fad diets and exhausted by the continuous effort to keep herself in line and on track, often feeling deprived all the while.

Once she had a glimpse of what it might be like not to have thoughts of food cycling nonstop through her head, Susu knew she had to find a new and sustainable way. She was tired of the wasted time and emotion and determined not to pass these habits of thought and behavior on when she had children someday.

Exercise proved a pivotal part of Susu’s dieting cycle, so she and Molly set about deconstructing. What motivated it? What was the goal? What purpose did it serve in the context of weight loss? Over time Susu has brought this kind of mindfulness to every aspect of her relationship with food. She has developed a dialogue with her thoughts and can now recognize urges – and where they come from.

Enjoy Susu’s empowering story! Learn about the tools Molly provided to help her get to a place of peace with food that she can sustain for the rest of her life. It’s made the lead-up to her impending wedding so much more fun because Susu has the space in her head and capacity in her heart to enjoy food, socializing and feeling fully alive!

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Topics Covered

  • Molly introduces Susu, who explains why she chose to pursue life coaching for weight loss at this particular time (which happens to coincide with her upcoming wedding).

  • A turning point for Susu was the realization that she did not want to continue in the dance of yo-yo dieting but instead implement a plan for life.

  • Susu and Molly discuss the consuming cycle of diet-oriented thinking that drives a constant stream of mental chatter.

  • Once she recognized what a time sink all the focus on food was proving in her life, Susu knew it was time to make a permanent change. She also didn’t want to pass the obsession on to her future children.

  • The element of exercise: Susu would get up at 5a to work out not for stress relief (as she told herself it was) but more as punishment for the extra cookie or two she’d indulged in the night before.

  • Ironically, Susu’s commitment to exercise was causing fatigue, which is for many people a trigger to overeating. Once that obligation was lifted, so was a whole load of stress, anxiety and exhaustion. And she kept on losing weight without it!

  • By identifying her urges, Susu has come to better understand what was driving her overeating. Mindfulness has been key in changing her relationship with food.

  • Susu’s biggest “aha” moment so far: You can not only recognize your emotions but also sit with them and feel them, rather than reacting with mindless eating.

Key Quotes

  • “I was exhausted from all the fad diets. I was frustrated with myself and with my habits and thinking that I couldn’t do this. I knew I wanted to make a change for the rest of my life and not just a quick fix.”

  • “If I didn’t eat what I thought I was supposed to eat, emotions of punishment and shame would come along.”

  • “I was reliant on morning exercise even though I hated doing it and was exhausted by doing it.”

  • “I learned to be mindful of my urges related to food in the moment and that has helped a lot.”

  • “I used to eat out of emotion and stress … I never identified what I was feeling. I just went for the food and that was it.”

  • “What I’ve learned through (Molly) is that I don’t have to keep telling myself … that I’m an emotional eater and give in to food.”

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