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Episode 9: Rules for Yourself

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Weight-Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about the importance of rules, and how a disciplined approach is the only path to sustainable weight loss.

She begins by discussing the necessity of rules in every relationship, both personal and professional, and how this encourages growth. Rules teach children responsibility, keep workers accountable and hold spouses faithful. Without boundaries, we can’t become the best version of ourselves. They make a difference with how you feel, what you accept and what types of results you get.

Molly relates this to weight loss. General rules such as planning your meals provide a healthy pattern to follow, leaving little to chance. She explains that the primitive part of our brain is wired to give into urges, and that we can always be in control if we are intentional and present in our lives.

This leads to three main realities of rules. When you make a commitment to yourself, practice a disciplined approach through strict documentation and eat intentionally, you will find that rules are empowering, not restrictive. Organization defines a clear path to our goals, and gives us the tools to get there.

Topics Covered

- How rules provide a necessary structure for daily life

- Being proactive, not reactive with food choices

- Why routine leads to success, not restriction

- Inviting failure by leaving things to chance

- Empowering yourself by honoring your commitment

Key Quotes

“When it comes to weight loss, and when it comes to any real major goal that you want to set for yourself and achieve, creating rules for yourself ahead of time can be one of the most essential skills to accomplishing what you want in your life.”

“Hoping and wishing is not a viable strategy to achieve success. It’s like leaving things to chance. It’s like assuming that something outside of yourself has the ability to create a reality for you rather than taking ownership and taking authority for the commitment you’ve made to yourself to see things through no matter what.”

“It’s important that you be really clear and really precise about exactly what your goal is, so when you make that commitment to yourself in the beginning, you know exactly what you’re aiming for.”

“Discipline creates time. It creates an agenda. It creates structure for our lives in a way that is literally sort of defining the path that we are going to take every day to get to our goal.”

“When you do this, what you will realize is that you are building integrity with yourself. You are building trust because you realize that you are honoring the promises that you make to yourself and as a result you’re seeing, and you’re realizing, how good you feel.”

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