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Episode 41: Giving Yourself Permission

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode of the Weight Loss for Food-Lovers podcast, Molly talks about another way that our mind can influence our relationship with food and weight loss. She gives listeners a key to dissolving the inner turmoil that can result from conflicting beliefs and desires regarding food and weight loss. What is that key? To give yourself permission to do what you think is best rather than listening to your own inner critic. Part of giving yourself permission involves understanding how you have benefitted from food, thinking through where your inner rules come from, and figuring out what it is that you actually want.

In her own relationship with food, Molly gives herself permission instead of always telling herself what she should be doing. She tells listeners about the various areas of life that this concept applies to, such as permission to eat certain foods, permission to say “no,” and permission to feel whatever emotions come up.

When you drop the resistance of your inner critic that is always telling you what you should be doing, you release the tension and no longer feel like you have to rebel against yourself.

To wrap up the episode, Molly tells listeners how she navigates food during the holiday season when there are so many tempting reasons to overeat! If you want to get ahead of the game and work on your relationship with food now rather than waiting until the New Year, schedule a free discovery call with Molly.

Topics Covered

· Conflicting beliefs and desires when dieting

· Giving yourself permission to do what you think is best

· The dark side of your inner critic

· Evaluating where your inner rules came from

· Different areas in which to give yourself permission

· Giving yourself permission ahead of time versus giving yourself permission in the moment

· Start paying attention to how you feel to know what you want

· Accept the complete version of yourself

· How Molly navigates food during the holiday season

Key Quotes

“I decided to start giving myself permission to do what I think is best.”

“Oftentimes those thoughts create these feelings of obligation or resentment or deprivation or resistance and ultimately wanting to rebel against yourself.”

“Giving myself permission is the way that I respond in contrast to always telling myself what I should be doing.”

“I don’t judge myself for the way I feel. I don’t tell myself that I shouldn’t feel that way, that it’s wrong, that I should feel differently.”

“I have a lot more urges for food, I have a lot more unnecessary discomfort when I don’t take care of myself first, when I don’t practice self-care, when I don’t make it a priority to rest and relax and renew and restore my energy.”

“What is it that you truly want and how can you honor those needs that you have for yourself?”

“The idea here is simply to drop the resistance of that inner critic that is always telling you what you should be doing. It’s a way to release the tension.”

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