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Episode 40: Anticipating Weight Loss

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about the role that anticipation plays in a successful weight loss journey. Human nature dictates that we anticipate the worst. It‘s a feeling driven by our primitive brain’s need for safety, and one that is counterproductive to your goal.

Feelings are not the result of circumstance. They’re the result of thoughts. That’s why it’s important to envision yourself at your ideal weight. What will you do, or think differently? How will you show up around food? By generating feelings of confidence and commitment, you will be motivated to take the action necessary to succeed.

When the primitive brain fights back, remember that the thoughts it creates are not necessarily true. To move forward you must acknowledge your urges while recognizing that they may not go away. This is the first step of awareness.

Molly presents a number of things that you can anticipate today. Commitment, focus and mind management are not just crucial areas of a weight loss plan, they’re also the result of your success. Keep in perspective that sometimes reality does not align with what you anticipated. Curb your disappointment by creating thoughts that serve you and who you want to be.

Topics Covered

- The role of anticipation in action

- How feelings come from thoughts

- Envisioning your future self

- Fantasy vs. Experience

- Setting realistic expectations

Key Quotes

“Our feelings never come from our circumstances. The feeling of happiness doesn’t come from the number on the scale. It doesn’t come from your goal weight. It comes from your thought about it.”

“When you’ve decided that you want to be on a weight loss journey, when you decide that you’re committed to going after this ideal weight, you can start anticipating being at that ideal weight right now. You can start anticipating weight loss ahead of time.”

“In order to become that future version of yourself, you need to start thinking like that person right now. And when you think like that person right now you start generating the feelings of confidence, or motivation, or determination, or commitment, whatever those feelings are. And those feelings are what will drive the action you’ll take to get to that ideal weight.”

“We know that when you take the easy route and when you give in to instant gratification all the time that usually amounts to a lot of long-term consequences, the least of which is perpetuating this cycle of giving in to the thoughts that trigger desire to want to eat in the moment.”

“Sometimes you will be able to allow the urge, sometimes you won’t, but what you can anticipate is that there probably will be an urge, especially if you’re in the very beginning of this work.”

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