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Episode 42: Food-Lover's Holiday

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about what a food lover needs to do to navigate the upcoming holiday season. She begins by asking what the holidays mean to you. Many of us have strong associations with food and family, memories of beloved traditions and expectations for how things should be.

This anticipation is often met with disappointment when the big day finally rolls around. When we give ourselves a pass to eat whatever we want, we look to food as our ultimate comfort and completely check out from those around us. Often, that is the opposite of what we truly want.

Overeating is common because the primal brain doesn’t understand the disconnect between immediate pleasure and ultimate joy. While food can take the edge off of difficult relationships, it doesn’t bring peace and has negative side effects for our physical health.

In order to change your habits this time of year, you must make a decision about which foods you want to eat, how much to eat of them and learn to live with moderation. Drop the mental and physical baggage by being intentional in the experiences you create. Accept your desire while creating a different narrative for your life.

Topics Covered

- The emptiness of anticipation

- Analyzing your behavior

- Peace through conscious action

- Making a commitment to intentionality

- How to create a new narrative

Key Quotes

“When you decide to deliberately go into the season intentionally thinking about how you want to spend your time, whether it’s with family, whether it’s in regards to your health, whether it’s in terms of your relationship with food, it really brings up a lot of the preprogrammed beliefs and associations that you have with this time of year.”

“If what you want most is to overeat, then I want you to really think about why that is. What is overeating, or overindulging creating for you?”

“When the festivities are over and you’re looking at the life you have and the reality of your health, are you experiencing a sense of peace with where you are?”

“If you could rewrite the story of your ideal holiday, what would it be? If you didn’t depend on that old story that you had about the expectations of the holiday season then what would that new story be?”

“I want to encourage you that now is such a wonderful time to create intentions for yourself. To decide how you deliberately want to take care of yourself, of how you deliberately want to spend your time and what you want your relationship with food to look like.”

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