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Episode 92: Ellen's Story


When you glimpse the future, do you see yourself as robust or slowly making your way towards a walker? For Molly’s client Ellen, who is 69, it was the latter. She was 30 pounds overweight and, while not obese, feeling stuck. On this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Ellen shares an unexpected journey that has given her an entirely new lease on life.

Ellen wasn’t sure that a coach could help her, but she did recall an experience many years ago with a pre-packaged food-based diet program that worked (temporarily) in part because of the accountability. She was open to giving Molly’s program a try and the results have been a homerun! Initially the goal was 20 pounds and exceeding that was beyond imagination, but that’s exactly what Ellen has done – without even trying.

Molly’s program has worked not just because of a set prescription, combination of foods or restrictive measures. It has been the reflection and integration Ellen has done around both old (and limiting) beliefs and rituals that it turns out were more mindless than meaningful. By bringing intentionality to her daily eating habits, Ellen has not only remedied chronic digestive issues but also reinvigorated herself. She’s feeling energetic, creative and ready to tackle the years ahead. Her excitement is unmistakable – as is her appreciation for Molly’s style, program and approach!

Ellen’s journey started with a single call. If you’re interested in the support or accountability a one-on-one coach provides, you can set up a free discovery session with Molly here. And click here to learn more about Molly’s 5-day live boot camp.

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Topics Covered

  • Ellen shares her backstory, including coming out of Covid19 with about 30 pounds of excess weight that was stressing her joints and that she very much wanted to shed.

  • Did Ellen harbor doubts or hesitations getting involved with coaching in general and Molly in particular? The thing she mapped back to was her positive experience with a (pre-packaged) food program that didn’t work in the long-term but did feature one-on-one accountability that was effective for her.

  • In researching Molly, it became apparent that she shared Ellen’s deep involvement with food and wine. She was encouraged that the program understood that passion.

  • Bonding over wine o’clock: Ellen and her husband had enjoyed their 5p ritual, sharing a glass of wine and some nibbles. It was a concern at first but it turns out that decoupling from that routine hasn’t been challenging at all. What they used to share over their glasses of wine they now share in other ways.

  • One of the keys for Ellen was coming to understand that celebrating and food did not have to be intertwined.

  • Ellen’s original goal was 20 pounds, which she thought would be amazing. But she reached that milestone and was ready to blow by. Eighty days into the program she has lost 24 pounds and changed her relationship with food.

  • Molly recalls her first consultation with Ellen, in which she laid out her specific diet (tailored to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and lactose intolerance). She couldn’t imagine that Molly’s diet prescription could be a good fit, but now finds herself relishing dairy products and going to bed without the need for antacid pills.

  • Internal Inflammation: The sea change Ellen has experienced in terms of her ability to tolerate foods that were formerly off limits and the disappearance of her digestive issues underscores the power of diet in terms of gut health and health in general.

  • Joint Pain: Previously slowed by arthritis, Ellen is now able to dash after her dog without missing a beat.

  • Looking at the year ahead: Ellen, who is 69, used to wonder at what point she would be relegated to a walker. Now she’s changed that tune completely.

  • A byproduct of feeling better physically? Ellen is exploring art and feeling a creative energy that has given her a whole excitement about her next season of life.

Key Quotes

  • “Thirty years ago I lost weight and had been in a program where I met with somebody every week. But it was all pre-packaged food. Every single thing that went in my mouth. But the experience of meeting with somebody made me feel accountable.”

  • “(The 5p glass of wine) is not such a big deal anymore. It’s something that we used to share, but not something that’s missing in our relationship.”

  • “I grew up in an environment where food is love … and now I kind of recognize that food is not my friend. It’s good to have a nice meal with someone, but it doesn’t have to be extraordinary or over the top.”

  • “Since I’ve been planning my meals I have had so much energy. I feel like dancing through the day. I’m getting so much more done. And I’m not having any issues with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome and feel great!”

  • “At some point if my husband doesn’t want to clean the gutters and do all the maintenance for our (multilevel) house, then we’ll consider moving. But we’re not going to be moving because I can’t get up and down the stairs.”

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