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Episode 95: Hidden Gems of Weight Loss


On this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers, Molly unpacks the Hidden Gems of Weight Loss. She has seen time and again that her program is transformational in ways that go far beyond a number of the scale. The coaching journey she undertakes with her clients has embedded within it all kinds of gifts you might never have considered.

Molly outlines her Five Hidden Gems, offering examples and perspective on the many ways in which the process of weight loss extends to every aspect of our lives and how – if we stick with Molly’s step-by-step program – our lives will never be the same. Those five key ancillary benefits are:

  • #1 Less Brain Chatter

  • #2 Better Organization

  • #3 Turbo-Charged Energy

  • #4 Better Sleep

  • #5 Knowing Deeply Who You Are

That last Hidden Gem is key. If we undertake the hard work of uncovering who we are and what drives our thoughts and feeling, all kinds of doors begin to open. Being scrupulously honest with ourselves in the end reveals the biggest gift of all: The foundation for a joyful, authentic life!

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Topics Covered

  • Molly’s clients generally find that weight loss itself is only one of many benefits they experience as a result of the work.

  • She has Five Hidden Gems – benefits beyond weight loss – she’d like to share:

  • #1 Less Brain Chatter!

  • The program reduce rumination around food choices, meal planning, debating snacks, endless negotiations and preoccupation. Many of Molly’s clients love the clarity around:

  • Food planning

  • Food preparation

  • Food choices

  • When you remove all the second-guessing and back and forth, your mind is freed up for all kinds of other imaginings and pursuits!

  • #2 Better Organization!

  • Meal planning forces us to sit down and be intentional.

  • Planning food choices makes us more aware of emotions that might otherwise be suppressed or buried. Among the most common: Overwhelm.

  • Going through the process of meal planning exposes both priorities and places where our resources are too thin or being unnecessarily spent.

  • #3 Turbo-Charged Energy!

  • By introducing nutritious, whole foods your body springs out of deprivation.

  • When you consume less, but more nutritionally dense food, your digestion is taxed less and conserves this primary energy resource.

  • Suddenly you’re not sluggish, you awaken fresh, your capacity to get things done grows exponentially.

  • Healthy food choices also reduce another source of wasted energy: Negative self-talk and shame. Your primitive brain’s default negative thinking gets unraveled and diffused.

  • #4 Better Sleep!

  • It’s during the highest quality, deep sleep that our bodies shift into peak fat-burning mode. Lousy sleep = sub-optimal fat-burning hours.

  • The cycle can be self-reinforced: The less you sleep the more you’re liable to make poor food choices that lead to even more troubled, inefficient sleep.