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Episode 97: Seasonal Favorites


‘Tis the season for joy! Molly shares a list of favorite holiday treats on this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers. And best of all, none of the special sensory pleasures she’s sharing involve over-indulgence or regret!

The seven fun things Molly has to recommend as 2021 comes to a close range all over the map, from abstract artistic or natural beauty to practical tools for making daily life more delicious. You’ll feel merry and bright after hearing this unique list of everything from a must-have appliance that’ll make your life dramatically easier (and more delicious) to unique winter salads to intoxicating music to early morning moments of winter peace and enchantment. Have fun with and share some of Molly’s favorite yuletide secrets – things to be enjoyed now and throughout the years to come!

(Please note, the products Molly shares on this episode are personal favorites and not paid endorsements.) If you try and enjoy any of Molly’s suggestions, please click here to send her an email!

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Topics Covered

  • Molly shares some holiday favorites – a range of things that are giving her joy and making life better in ways big and small.

  • #1: Instant Pot. Usually minimalist with appliances, Molly has found this tool worth every inch of counter space. Unlike pressure cookers, the Instant Pot doesn’t require babysitting and it was shocking to taste how soulful a bowl of soup it could turn out in just eight minutes. A revelation!

  • #2: Winter Salad. Molly shares two favorite recipes: Roasted butternut squash and Italian citrus salad.

  • #3: Music. Having a wonderful soundtrack to accompany morning rituals, bedtime relaxation and everything in between make life more dimensional and provides a great tool for processing emotions.

  • #4: Homemade Sparkling Water. Molly recently discovered the Soda Stream and is loving all the simple, flavorful carbonated water-based drinks she’s discovering.

  • #5: Morning Serenity. She loves this peacefulness and time for reflection – as well as the feeling that she has gotten her day off to a great start full of focus and productive good feeling.

  • #6: "Dinner: Changing the Game: A Cookbook," by Melissa Clark. Molly is loving this book’s simple, high-flavor meals with twists on things like tofu that are new and interesting.

  • #7: Indoor Bulbs. Something Molly’s mom displays in the wintertime. Place flower bulbs in a bed of river stones and water in a bowl or vase and two weeks later, Voila! Glorious blooms that bring beauty indoors at this dormant time of year!

  • #8: Cooking Literature (not to be confused with cookbooks). Molly loves a great read about cuisine. Two of her recs this season: "Dirt: Adventures, with Family, in the Kitchen of Lyon, Looking for the Origins of French Cooking," by Bill Buford, a New Yorker writer who did an apprenticeship in France. And also: "Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child," by Bob Spitz.

Key Quotes

  • “(The Instant Pot) has made cooking dramatically easier for me and my family and actually more flavorful, which is why it has been such a joy to have in my kitchen.”

  • “When I’m not eating soup I’m enjoying a really good winter salad.”

  • “Music is a way to elevate the atmosphere and experience. Jazz while cooking is such a delight!”

  • “Having peace and quiet and sitting by the glow of the Christmas tree first thing in the morning has just become such a sacred experience, something I value so much. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.”

  • “Some of these things may or may not enhance your life if you’re looking to enjoy yourself and find things, outside of eating and drinking, to add pleasure to the season.”

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