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Episode 99: Overcoming Inertia


We’ve all experienced it – that sluggish blah feeling, the “what’s the point” thoughts. Molly is deconstructing inertia on this episode of Weight Loss for Food-Lovers. What it means (literally), where it comes from (it’s primitive!) and how to overcome it so you can build the future you desire. You’ll learn about the top reasons people get stuck and fantastic tips for taking back your agency. Are you ready to get on the road to the life you want?

And here’s some good news: Once we reach a goal weight, inertia starts to work in our favor. With a newly reestablished set point, our bodies naturally gravitate towards an easier, happier status quo built not on restrictive dieting but on a food program for life. No longer deprived or paralyzed by self-defeating thoughts, we are freed by Molly’s approach to cultivating long-term self-understanding, confidence and balance.

You’ll enjoy learning about how to upend inertia, including lots of practical measures you can implement today. But the truth is, seeing our most ingrained thoughts and identifying the habits that do not serve us can be hard to do without help. That’s why coaching was a gamechanger for Molly and could be for you as well. It offers crucial support as you navigate the step-by-step process. If you’re someone who is feeling alone or stuck in inertia, know that getting help won’t necessarily make the process a breeze, but it will most definitely yield exciting results.

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Topics Covered

· Defining Inertia:

o (1) The tendency to do nothing and remain unchanged.

o (2) The property of matter in which it continues in its existing state of rest, or uniform motion in a straight line unless that state is changed by an external force.

o (3) Sluggishness.

· By nature humans experience a lot of inertia, largely because our primitive brains are resistant to evolution, disrupting the status quo or risking danger.

· It’s normal to fight some sense of inertia; it’s neither a weakness nor a flaw personal to you.

· The Top Reasons Inertia Happens with Weight Loss:

o (1) Our primitive brains are evolutionarily programmed to stay in a comfortable state of status quo in order to remain safe.

o (2) We think we don’t have enough time – an easy but totally false default excuse for many busy people. Overeating and overdrinking is the real time sink, prompting sluggishness that only slows us down.

o (3) We believe it’s too much work, often based on previous extreme diet experiences that did nothing to quell all the mental chatter and preoccupation – followed by beating ourselves up.

o (4) It seems impossible to reach our goals, so why bother?

· How to overcome inertia and ingrained thoughts:

o (1) Break the plan to lose weight into bite-sized, manageable chunks.

o (2) Build belief in yourself. Gather evidence that you’re able to show up and make change.

o (3) Look for ways to make the process easy and enjoyable. (Examples: Include foods you enjoy, plan ahead for meals/shopping.)

o (4) Incentivize yourself along the way with positive reinforcement and rewards, celebrating wins and treating yourself in ways that don’t involve food. Be curious about ways that you can offer yourself a natural reward, which our primitive brains might not register without a clear reminder.

o (5) Get help! It was a gamechanger for Molly and has been for her clients as well. When you don’t have someone helping to identify ingrained thoughts and habits, it’s hard to disrupt them.

· Ultimately, once you’ve reached your goal weight, inertia goes by the wayside in favor of a new setpoint and sustained confidence.

Key Quotes

· “It’s not always easy or natural for our bodies to change or to change our psychological or physical habits. It goes against our tendency in our body to maintain homeostasis, the status quo.”

· “We create more risk for ourselves when we don’t change … There are all kinds of negative consequences that come, including not reaching our potential.”

· “When you do the work of understanding the thoughts that drive you to eat or drink more than you want to, you are more connected to what you truly want and what you ultimately want to spend your energy on.”

· “It doesn’t need to be work, but it’s easy to believe it does if you’re used to traditional dieting.”

· “All you need is to be willing to take the first step … Open up to the idea that it might be possible (to lose weight).”

· “If you can make it easy and enjoyable – which is 100% possible – then there’s no reason you have to think of this as a diet. It just becomes the way you eat and live your life.”

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