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Bonus Episode: How to NOT Overeat During the Coronavirus

Weight-Loss for Food Lovers with Molly Zemek


In this episode, Molly talks about how to not overeat during the coronavirus crisis.

She begins by discussing the inherent difficulty of coping during an uncertain situation. While the primitive brain looks for comfort in food, Molly explains how that feeling is temporary and hurts our ability to change by creating a sense of failure. When you erect boundaries with your eating habits, you develop a greater sense of comfort as you work toward a positive outcome. The change in your eating not only settles your mind, but gives you a sense of purpose within a unique, structure-less environment.

Molly continues by issuing a challenge. Prove to yourself that this is the perfect time to start your journey, and see how your accomplishments can give you the strength to regain control of your health and life. Create a plan and follow-through, accepting the uncertainty of change as you learn to live with your urges. Transition to a more purposeful relationship with food and feel mentally well in a powerful way.

To close, she offers a reminder. When you recognize that you are in charge, your burdens will disappear. Change is fully available to you if you just commit to act.

Topics Covered

- Why eating is counterproductive as a coping mechanism

- How creating boundaries around the way you eat will provide structure in a chaotic time

- The comfort of routine when working toward a positive outcome

- Taking intentional steps toward change through accepting urges, making a plan and learning to stop when you’re full

- Feeling at peace with yourself by boosting your health and recognizing that you are in control

Key Quotes

“While eating always seems like a good idea in the moment, while it always seems like a good quick fix to our problems, it ends up exacerbating the situation. It ends up being one of the worst things that we can do for ourselves in the long run.”

“We never know exactly what will happen one moment to the next. The only thing that we ultimately have control over is our own routine. Is the structure that we create for ourselves in our own lives. We always have control over this.”

“How powerful would that be to be in a situation in two months time of saying ‘look what I accomplished during that period. Despite being in the middle of a chaotic period in the nation’s history, despite being in a situation that I could have never predicted, that I felt that I had no real control over, I was able to use it for good.’”

“The wonderful thing about this work is that if you are able to do it, not only will it allow you to lose weight, but it will also allow you to deal with all of those underlying emotional reasons that are at the bedrock, at the foundation, of why you want to eat in the first place.”

“You are fully in control of the choices that you make with what you eat every day. And now is probably one of the most powerful times when you can do this work.”

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